Fireworks and Coughdrops

July 15, 2011
By megancalfas BRONZE, Rolling Hills, California
megancalfas BRONZE, Rolling Hills, California
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"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

Caroline, Jakkob, Cecil, and Ricardo sat down for their weekly lunch at two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. The waiter smiled brightly when he saw the regulars, happy to bring their usual meal. The dull, grey tablecloth was coloured with the assortment of dishes they had ordered to share. Between bites of blueberry pancakes and spaghetti with meatballs, the conversation steered toward their recent travels. Cecil mentioned the last time her daughter was in town. Her son-in-law seemed to not only be still ruining her daughter’s life, but also stealing from Cecil’s purse. This was not a problem though, for Cecil had a plan to stop him. She just needed some fireworks and cough drops. The group sighed in agreement to her dislike of the son-in-law, and applauded the completion of her plan. Caroline told the group of her adventure to the purple sea where she met mermen, who enchanted her with their singing and spoken word. The merman leader was set to visit her any day now, and take her back to his island. The story was a crowd favourite, met with jealous glares from the other lunch guests. Ricardo spoke of his journey on the pirate ship Hirago, where he fought off the sinister demon Geraldo. Sadly, he did not have time to save the princess: a mistake that still haunts him. The others tried to comfort him, but knew that it was no use. Jakkob had stayed home all week, but through a telepathic connection, he knew his donkey was in trouble. Caroline, Cecil, and Ricardo agreed to help him figure out what was wrong as soon as possible. They continued to laugh and drink tea, filling in the only other people they knew would understand. It was a lovely meal and afternoon, and they made plans to have another lunch the same time next week. And with that, four doctors walked over to their table, and helped Caroline, Jakkob, Cecil, and Ricardo back into their straightjackets.

The author's comments:
Flash Fiction I recently wrote for a course. Enjoy!

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