Today is a Sad Day

July 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Leah got out of the car and saw little children playing football. She stayed outside in the front yard and watched as the three boys were running around like playful puppies.
Then, her phone rang, it was a phone call from her sister: “What are you doing today?”
“Oh, nothing,” Leah said.
“Well can you come over?”
“Okay, I’m on my way,” said Leah.
They sat down in a couple of tall backed chairs and talked for a minute or two. Suddenly a dark thought came to her head. It was a feeling of sadness and unhappiness: “Go back home. Go back home.”
“Well, Nanny, I have to get back home because I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen,” said Leah. She got in the car and asked herself: “What could be wrong?”
Leah made her way down the Thirteenth Street, and she saw a group of people crowed around like dark cloud. She immediately stopped the car and got out. In the crowd, she saw a women crying like a baby missing her mother.
She asked someone, “What happened?” Another young woman told her, “A little boy got hit by car.”
“How? I just saw him playing football earlier.”
“I guess he was trying to get the football out of the street and the driver of the car wasn’t paying attention.”
Leah started crying! She felt as if that was her son. Suddenly she felt something pressing against her back.
“Wake up, wake up, Mom! It’s time for work,” shouted the little boy.
She realized she had been dreaming all along. “Thank God! Thank God it wasn’t my son,” she said to herself.
She got of the bed and went to work, but the whole time she was at work she was thinking about her terrible dream. She thought to herself: “What if that were my son? I would be crying and hurt. What could I tell his father?”
When Leah got off work, she stopped by the store to get something to eat. As she was scanning the aisles of the grocery store, she noticed how children were playing and running around like wild animals. She left the store and made her way to the house. As she pulled into her driveway, the little boy ran out of the house to his mom and gave her a kiss!
She smiled and said, “What do you want?”
"It don’t matter, Momma. I just want to go play football with Debo.” The little boy had known his friend Debo since the first grade.
“Okay you can go,” said his mother, “but look both ways crossing street.”
“Okay, Momma, bye!” responded the little boy as he ran out the door.
He ran across the street without looking both ways. The little boy and Debo were throwing the football until Debo said, “Go long, go long in the street.”
“Okay” said the little boy.
Debo threw him the ball, and the little boy jumped into the air to catch
it. As he was coming back down, he heard a loud screeching noise. He turned around and boom! Everything just stopped. It was all over! Debo was yelling out loud “Nooo!” as he ran toward the car.
Everybody heard the noise and they ran outside as fast as horses.
"What’s going on?" said an old woman.
Then she saw a little boy crying over something but as she walked toward him she saw the thing was a boy and he was in bad condition. His face was ripped like a knife had come through his skin.
“Go get his mother! Go get his mother!” the old woman said.
Debo was speeding as he ran to the house. “Bam, bam, bam!” as he beat on the door. Leah opened the door.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I told him to go long and he got hit by a car!”

The author's comments:
people should read this piece because it is sad,and unhappy. It is almost like sad movie

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