In the heart of Nevada

July 14, 2011
By vickie18 BRONZE, Buhl, Idaho
vickie18 BRONZE, Buhl, Idaho
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Tommy found out his father was not doing so well, he decided to take a trip to Nevada and stay there to help his mother out with things she could not do anymore, his father used to do it but he is stuck in the hospital and in critical condition.
The next day Tommy woke up and went out side to take care of the cattle, he then heard his mom crying he ran back to the house and asked what was wrong and she said she can’t see anything; she was getting sick so he had no choice but to take her to the hospital.
Tommy worked really hard to keep his family’s ranch going but he could not do it all on his own, his father and mother passed away and he was trying really hard to make things work, he thought to himself, “what did I do to be in this position”? After he sat there e for awhile trying to figure things out he went out to the shed and found a fresh pile of dirt that looked like it had been recently dug up, he was trying to figure out what was there, so he grabbed a shovel and started digging up the dirt he heard someone pulling in the driveway, he ran out there to see who it was and long and behold it was his dad’s attorney Mr. Adams, he told Tommy that he needed to talk to him about his mother and father’s will, well Tommy looked surprised and had no idea about any of that.

The next day Tommy went into town to meet with the attorney to go over his parents will, Mr. Adams said that he was left the ranch plus the guess house and also all the money that their parents had saved over the years. When Tommy went to the bank he go into the savings account that his mom and dad had, he stood there just thinking to himself well since they did not have a job or anything then there wont be much in the savings account, well he was wrong there were two safety boxes full of nothing but money and a letter that said. “You found the letter and now you must know why we have all this money, we were going to use it to buy that old children’s hospital and fix it up for the children that are ill.” Tommy looked confused there for a minute then realized what they were talking about, after that he decided to take the money and do what his parents dreamed about doing.

Two weeks went by and Tommy spent all his time fixing this hospital up and making it just the way his parents wanted it, knowing that he was doing what his parents wanted to do he felt that after he was done doing this his parents would be so happy. After he was done he went back to the ranch, and he wondered about that pile of dirt out in the shop that was freshly dug up, well he went out to the shop and started digging, he came across something that was hard and he dug around it, after it was all dug up he discovered that it was some type of chest, on this chest was an envelope he took it off and opened it up inside there was a note that said “ the lost coins of Mr. Allan James Adams, pirate of the lost soul” he could not believe as he read it stated that its worth more than anything.
Tommy was carious as to who Mr. Allan James Adams was so he went to the historical museum, and talk to someone about him, well then he meet Dean, who was the manager of the historical museum, he began to tell Tommy the story and all the myths about who Mr. Allan James Adams was and his discoveries , well as he went on Tommy realized that before his parents had that ranch it used to be Mr. Allan’s hideout, he would go there to hide from people so they would not capture him and ask him questions about his treasure that he had found.
After Tommy left the Museum he went down to the reservoir and talked to the chief, well no one knew that this chief had all the information about this Mr. Allan James Adams and he told Tommy everything from the time Mr. Allan was there in town, until he disappeared and no one knew where he was. The chief asked Tommy why he was so interested and why know all the sudden has interested in Mr. Allan. Tommy said he found a note but he did not know what it meant so he was trying to find everything out that could possibly help him. The chief told Tommy that no matter what a person would never find the treasure that was buried before he disappeared, Tommy looked at him and told him well I’m sure if a person wanted to find it they would search and look for it.
After Tommy went home he went back out to the garage and finished digging and found two more chests, he opened them up and there was nothing but gold coins and bars of gold, along with turquoise, well after he found it he did not know what to do with it so he went back into town there at this place called if its gold we by it, he went in to ask the owner how much it would be if a person brought in three gold bricks plus some gold coins and turquoise, the owner just looked at him with a grin on his face and said, “well sir how about you bring in what you have now and ill tell you how much its all worth, so he said OK went home got these chests , he opened them and said here you go.
The owner looked at him and could not believe what he had saw and asked Tommy where he found that and Tommy told him “I found it in my shop I was digging and came across it, he looked at Tommy and told him he was a billionaire, Tommy still had no idea what to do so he cashed it in and went back home with the money. About a month later Tommy sales the ranch and gets more money, and with this money he went back to New York, quit his job and started his own. He called it the treasure upon your request; he took some of those chests back with him and put them out on display in his window.
Never again did Tommy ever go back and finish digging in the shop to find what else he could of found, after he had left someone bought that ranch went out to that shop and found a bunch more stuff that had Tommy's name written on it, someone found Tommy got a hold of him and told him he needed to go back to the ranch because he forgot some stuff, well Tommy was carious as to what he left behind and so he went back and this time he was left with three more chests and some boxes that had been buried, Tommy went to look in them boxes but he found a note that said please take care of these and wait before you open the box. Well Tommy waited and inside this box was some type of pictures and maps of this place there were four ex. on this map and Tommy figured it was just a trick so he did not think anything of it and just left them maps sitting in the box.
After this all happened Tommy ended up opening the boxes to find different pictures and information in this box about his family, he did not know about most if this information and some of the pictures he never remembered at all. Needless to say he was wealthier than any one he ever knew in his life and he was the happiest man in the world. He took everything he had and saved it all meet a girl then later on down the road he married her and had three kids, after that they decided to move to Texas, and start a new business, after he done that he was a very successful man. A year later he a man names Dean Adams Jr. was looking for him he found out that Tommy had found everything, the treasure that was buried, and the places on the map, but no one knew where Tommy had moved to after he left Nevada.

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