The Creature

July 13, 2011
By LeeAlbom SILVER, Ontario, New York
LeeAlbom SILVER, Ontario, New York
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I ambled through the jungles of Madagascar to find a magnificent site. There was a creature swinging through the vines, so unfamiliar to me. It had big green eyes. Its big eyes had glasses built in his eyes to help him see. Sometimes, it didn’t swing through the vines. Instead, it would sometimes fly with its big ears that are as big as elephant ears. Cockroaches were the staple food of this creature. One day, the creature rubbed a balloon on his head, causing static electricity to stick up his hair. I was most surprised about its size. The creature was as big as my palm. Before I went back to my homeland in the United States, I decided on a name for this creature. I finally decided on the name Icky. Icky the Cockroach-Eating Creature.

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