The Annual Ugly Contest

July 12, 2011
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Once upon a time, when the ugly were considered attractive in Ugliness Town (now called Pretty City), there was a contest. It was an annual contest of who was the ugliest amongst all of the female creatures in Ugliness Town. The person who won that contest was allowed to be President of Ugliness Land for one day. Also, after a day, they would be given 9,999,999 billion dollars.

Among the prettiest of witches was Becky. Becky was an average pretty witch. She also had a godmother as was usual because although Becky could do some magic, it was a very small amount such as making her pen float. When word of the Annual Ugly Contest reached her, she had a terrible longing to win. “But how would I possibly be able to win?” Becky thought in frustration. She was a pretty witch not an ugly one! Her face didn’t have any yellow warts, or bushy unibrows! Not even a small little wrinkle or black mole!

Then, one day, Becky’s godmother happened to pass by. She noticed that Becky was staring at the advertisements for the annual contest longingly. It was then that she decided to show Becky just what she could do. Becky’s godmother invited Becky to her house for tea. But from the moment Becky entered, the determined godmother set to work making Becky look as ugly as possible. What the poor lady did not know was that Becky was a very selfish witch.

When Becky realized that she could use her godmother to win the contest, an idea sprung inside her head. Instead of having to change herself every year to win the contest, her godmother could simply make everyone else pretty year long! So, the godmother unknowingly made everyone pretty.

After about the 658th time that Becky won the annual contest, her godmother saw that she was using her power each year to make it so that she got everything she wanted. In doing that, everyone else was miserable and Ugliness Land was gradually weakening. Becky’s godmother thought and thought for a plan to stop this until the day came when she had a plan.

On a sheet of paper, the smart godmother wrote some new terms or the annual contest in the smallest print possible. Becky was too busy being selfish that she didn’t realize that it stated that the contest would be for who was the prettiest in Ugliness Land rather than ugly. As a favor to her godmother, she quickly and foolishly signed the paper without knowing and Ugliness Land was saved. The story of Becky, her godmother, and the Ugly Contest was told constantly in the town so that no one would ever make the same mistake again.

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