Love until the end

July 9, 2011
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Her ice blonde hair hung straight, falling down around her waist as she stood there, in the blue black darkness. Her cat green eyes watched ever movement of his chest as he slept. She was a small thing, standing at around five one, with a tiny waist. She looked harmless and innocent. That was only to the eyes.
Hidden underneath the plain black long sleeve shirt, was solid muscles. She’d killed before, and she’d kill again. In fact, that’s what she was doing right now. Or what she was supposed to be doing. This man, was different, it was personal this time. She looked at his face, studying it. His curly black hair was falling against his face, and under closed eye lids hid the brightest pair of blue eyes.
His skin was tan, and he looked so calm, so peaceful, she was reminded of the past again. Memories hit her like waves. Memories of them at the beach, him giving her a piggy back ride, before throwing her in the water playfully. Of them kissing, holding each other for long hours, just getting lost his his eyes.
She shut her eyes, shutting off the flow of painful memories. It had all been good, until that accident, that horrible accident. She wasn’t one to cry, but a single tear fell. She had to do it now. it was now, or she’d never end up doing it. This was the reason she became a vampire slayer, was to free his soul.
She took the wooden stake out of her back pocket. “Goodbye lover.” She whispered those two fateful words. She put it above his heart, and plunged it in without a second thought. It plunged right through him, his blue vampire blood splashing all over her. his eyes flew open, and rested on her. She knew he saw her, for about three seconds, before those blue eyes faded as the soul fled out of his body, and on its way to eternal Hell.
She wanted to collapse on the floor, and cry, but there was one more thing she had to do. She took a single match out of her pocket, and lit it. She placed it on his body, giving his already cold lips one last kiss, before jumping back easily out of the window to her car. She knew the place would go up in flames in no time at all. She didn’t look back. Didn’t figure that she had too, she knew the man she loved had died the day he got Turned. Wearily, she drove home, tomorrow there would be others to kill, and she had to be well rested.

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