"Youth" P1

July 9, 2011
By Anonymous

“What does it take to be proclaimed beautiful? Silky hair? Smooth skin? Deep eyes? Long legs? Riches beyond imagination or the corruption of power? All worldly descriptions of beauty, but does anyone bat an eye to those who have a strong and illuminating heart? Would anyone dare risk their own beauty for another?”

As I look outside the rain continues to fall. I open the window to breathe the damp air. Refreshing, but I cannot help to cough.

“Youth, such an innocent word. Yet violated by those who wish to violate “it”. I cannot blame them, we are human. It’s in our nature. Pleasure is not a sin, it’s just pleasure, but is it wrong?”
I pondered so quizzically. I took another look outside, and saw two young women walking in the rain, purposefully getting drenched. Was it foolishness or was it for the satisfaction of a simple pleasure in life? As I took another look, they were both my patients, Julia Simpson, and Abigael Stuart.

Abigael shouted, “Hey Doc! Come enjoy the rain with us!” I simply waved and turned back inside.

“Doc, such a timid name, but did I deserve such praise - to be called... doctor. Sometimes I wondered if I could ever feel human again after such shady deals to make people become something they were not. What kind of doctor was I, creating apparitions to cause even more sin than Satan himself!”

I’ve had only 32 years of life, but I feel like a rag, overused and worthless. The wealth that I have amassed was useless to me now. My wife Maria Salt, truly was the love of my life. I wasted so much time with her though and gave up so much to impress her in the past.

“Was it worth it?” My mind started to blank I think it’s time to rest my mind.

“This is Doctor Salt, Jason and I hope to see a brighter future before I become part of the past. I hope you are listening to this because I want you to know that I love you Marry no matter what I said before I’m sorry and I will always love you. Log 23, November the twenty-sixth, year 2099.”

The author's comments:
Please enjoy this for more will come! Hopefully every week to possibly two weeks.

Do not try to follow the story by title, but follow it by chronological order by what is stated in the short passage.

The story overall may seem explicit in the future please note that this is a mature fictional story and should be treated as such.

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