murder with side of sucide

June 30, 2011
By haleyMwilliam BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
haleyMwilliam BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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It’s almost 12:00am I sit there and gaze out at the bay the only sound is the faint sound of the light sleepy waves hitting against each other searching for the shore like a lost child looking for its mother. The only light around is the moon that hangs over me and the street light that is flickering on and off. A faint breeze blows through me and I feel a chill run down my back. I tug on my jacket that is now full of holes and covered with dirt. I look back at the town I use to be able to call home and realize I can never go back, not after what I have done. In my head I see flashbacks of my sister’s face. The sisters that I murdered earlier this very night. I see the horror and distress on her face. It only took one stab to kill her after that; she said her last words through a muffled breath “w-why?” Then slowly she fell into eternal death. Her eyes became dark and glassy they looked vacant her skin turned pale white with a hint of blue on her lips, she was gone and it was because I had killed her. We got in to a fight earlier today she told me I was crazy and I did not like that very well so I walked out of the house and ran far, far, far away. Later, when the sun started to set I crept back in to town and this time I was armed. I carried a knife in one pocket and a vial of poison in the other. I originally planned to poison her, but she caught be before I ever got to open the vial so I moved on to plan B. I grabbed hold of the knife that was in my pocket and without thinking I turned around and next thing I know she was gone. As I stood there and looked at her lifeless body I realized that I was crazy. That is what my sister had tried to tell me she was only trying to help me and I did the worst thing possible to her…I took her life. After that I knew that it would not be long until someone found her so I knew I could not just sit around I had to get out of there I had to get out of town and that is how I ended up here alone and cold I have nothing but a cold empty heart. My heart is full of hate and regret but I do not hate my sister anymore I hate myself, and now I realize I am left with only 2 options I could either continue to live and risk getting caught and have to rot in prison or I could end my life just as I did to my sister and rot in hell. As I sit there arguing with myself over life and death, I hear a muffled scream behind me. I quickly turn to find nothing but air. I turn back to the water then I hear the scream again and I realize where I heard that scream before…it was my sisters scream for help. I shake my head trying to get the screams out of my head. Then I start to hear a voice my sister’s voice to be exact. I turn around rapidly and this time there she was standing there right in front of my face… my sister. She is wearing the same thing she wore when she was killed; blood stains her clothes and hands. Blood also comes from her mouth. I try to say something but when I open my mouth a scream comes out. I fall to my knees as she started to speak. “Why sissy why did you do this to me? I thought you loved me.” I did not know a ghost could cry but I can hear her voice crack a little. “I do, I do love you sissy I always will I am so sorry. You don’t deserve this.” I pause to choose my words correctly. “I do” I finally said. “Someday…you will get caught. Don’t think that just because you ran away from town you are free forever someone will find you.” Her voice was a soft whisper I could barely make out what she was saying. “No!” I growl “I will not get caught. I will make sure of it!” I am getting mad now. “Don’t hurt yourself please sissy.” I am crying now. “I’m sorry but… I have to and I will not see you again because when I am gone I will descend to hell where I belong. “You need help sister this was not your fault. You have a demon living inside you.” She demands. “Then that demon shall die along with me so I can’t hurt innocent people…I’m sorry.” With that I turn around and run away just like I have been doing all night. I run, and run until I reach the end of the dock. As I stand there and look out at the water I prepare myself to jump. Then out of know where I start to hear the police and I see bright blue and red lights reflect off the water. “Dammit!” I mutter. “Sissy please don’t jump for me for Mum she needs you. Please.” My sister pleads again her voice sounds scared and dead. “I’m sorry. I…I have too good bye mother, good bye sweet, sweet life. I love you.” And with that I jump.

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