The Reaping

April 5, 2011
By PencilPusher76 PLATINUM, Sidney, Nebraska
PencilPusher76 PLATINUM, Sidney, Nebraska
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The one time of the year the people fear each other in knowledge of betrail. Backstabbing and murder are nothing new to these people. Each year a sluaghter is commited in the name of something so unreal. But the fear of being killed themsleves keeps them in check. They march on spiplling the blood like savages from a nightmare. Family and friends mean nothing to these people. Survival of the fitess is what they were told and its what they will always remember. The one day where blood is drank like water where meat is plentieful. The voices in the heads of many tell them they must succeed but only a few do. The one who losses everything is the one who heart is filled with anguish and hate for his own kind. The one who feels like a monster after sluaghtering what was his family. A littel girl sits in the corner of the room not breathing not talking not moving. He looks at hsi hands knowing what he has done and feels like nothing worth living for. He takes the gun used on so many people and pulls it on himself. The sound of the bullet resinates in the god forsaken town. The town is queit and still. no one has survived and the reaping has won again. Killing everything it has become to hate.

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