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June 23, 2011
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The moment my eyes had crawled out the doors of the terrorized class of the torturous math lesson, my eyes quickly wandered to the ever so overpowering fragrance that brought forth my attention. The sweet scent of honeysuckle flowered it’s presence in all directions. What smell could this be from? As my eyes aimed in all directions, I felt that it was destiny to run out the door and find that one precious person who beheld such sweet incense, a soothing aroma sure to bring you down on your knees dreamily. Running out of the monstrous doors, I began running, as fate would occur at this moment; I knocked into my…teacher? With sudden fear she began to grab onto her purse and had taken her ever so precious bottle of pepper spray.
“NOO your highness, I come to you in peace!!” I yelled ever so pleadingly.
But, unfortunately her actions came before my uttered words, as fast as bull chasing its predator, she swished the poison into my eyes.
“They burn, MOMMYYY!!!” And when Ms. Mara finally had time to think, she abruptly when into her treasure bag and came out with a Hershey kiss, two to be exact.
“Happy Valentines day sweetie!!” as if that would make it all better. I was mixed with emotions of fear, yet joy, and surprisingly love. I had never received kisses, not even those miniature succulent chocolates that were sure to melt in your mouth. With the excruciating pain, I slowly smiled and began to give her a fly away kiss as she ran into the Ladies Room to check out her ever so perfect makeup. Mr. Mal, my terrifying math teacher peeked out the door to check what the chaos was all about, he began to give a look that made you beg mercy at his toe nails. I knew where to go, my second home was the principal’s office. As I slowly stood up, tears fell down my eyes. “Mr. Mal, you don’t realize the power of love, once you see your true love, it never goes away in your memory ever again. All the girls in the class began to cheer me on as I slowly walked to the dungeon.

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