Human Heart?

June 23, 2011
What does a human heart normally look like? What does a human heart look like when it's being torn to pieces? What are the symptoms of a human heart being torn to pieces? I feel like I need to go to a cardiologist and get check for whatever disease it is. I am being uprooted from the only place I have called home, out of the city, out of the state, and across the country to North Carolina. I am being forced to leave everyone I know and love. Am I supposed to be excited for this new adventure like everyone else because I'm not? This is bull this isn't an adventure, it's a nightmare. I don't even get to finish my 10th grade year at my high school, 3 months before summer and I'm leaving. GREAT! So, now I get to be the new kid some new school. Damn, I am so sick and tired of being the new kid; in my whole school career {pre-k till now} I have been the new kid about nine times. I hope this is the last time. Why can’t I just have one year of high school at one school? Is that too much to ask for? – sours ?

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