Wintergreen Peace

June 6, 2011
By Anonymous

In the town of Wintergreen there is a different sort of feel to the way that things go about. People walk around, heads held high and helping hands ready to be reached out. The weather is always sunny except on rare occasions, the land is flat and green with exceptional walkways and parks for people to engage in activities. The 1900's setting is a reason for the amount of cleanliness in the cities river. The cities life and blood is run through the river, the town respects this and uses what it can from its intersecting river.

Across the river many miles away on the same island is a completely distant and opposite city. The city on the global map identified by the Terror Zone, the city is polluted as can be because of the lack of respect for any leadership coming through the city. The river also runs through the Terror Zone but is not nearly as abundant with resources as the Wintergreen side. Economy is slow as well as the moral of the people. Many ex convicts or future villains are the type of people that populate the area.

In a smaller house located near the river at Wintergreen lives a young adult, Nick, who keeps a low profile. He is like by many but known well by few. For fun he walks the width of the river to keep his core in shape and to have a little bit of fun. Every morning he wakes up and heads over to the river and fishes for the ever abundant food, not just fish though. This is the only fresh water location that has ocean types of creatures, although things like whales passing through are a rare occurrence. Since he stays motivated and has stocked up for good every morning he has it made at his house when it comes to food options and quantity. He likes to stay in shape and minds his own business when running his life.

One day Nick decides to walk into the most densely populated parts of the town to do some socializing and see how everyone is doing. As he walks the elegant road along the flowing river he sees a man a in a boat that has started to sink. Quickly, Nick spots this man and yells at him, “Stay there I am coming to get you!” Sprinting though the shallow parts of the water Nick begins a high knee step to continue mobbing quick through the water. The current is pushing him hard on the waist but he continues to push through it and reaches the man safely, he tells the man to, “Hold on and walk behind my current.” So he walks back to the side of the river holding on to this stranger making sure he doesn’t slip and fall until he makes it to the edge safely. After making it to the road safely the stranger says exhaustedly, “Thank you so very much, this is why you will remain blessed, this is why we shall remain peaceful with happiness.”

The kinds of actions that define people in Wintergreen are things such as what Nick just did, helping someone when no one is looking or even having a reward posted over it. So the fact that they were being blessed with such great things from the river was no coincidence. The river was giving the city what it well deserved by supplying it with plenty of food and cleanliness. This is on the other hand, the reason why the Terror Zone has such little from its side of the river’s end. The utter fact that they do nothing for people in need and have thrived in life by doing harm to others rubs off on what shows up in their side of the river.

So on the evening of the beginning of April, one of the residences of the Terror Zone was planning on making a monumental thing happen; he was going to be the first person to leave the city in over 15 years. This was something that has not been done in such a long time because of all the lack of personality and public popularity of the city. Yet, this man by the name of Samuel is the guy that is leaving because he needs to see his uncle in Wintergreen. The journey is long but very simple and easy, the usual pace can get you there in about 3 days walking during the days.

As Samuel is making his walk by himself down the riverside he starts to think of his home again, and how he is living in a miserable town. Yet his town is where he loves and Terror Zone is the place that is in his blood. While thinking this to him on his walk, he starts to realize the river, the difference in color is the first thing that comes to his head. It is no longer a gross green that is mucky and gross. The water is starting to become clear as windows flowing smooth as he had ever seen in his lifetime. Walking even deeper he ever saw something that made him stop in his tracks, a fish. He saw a fish hop in and out of the water like it was nothing. Little bits later he then spots a handful of fish climbing the river jumping up and down the river swimming through the current, seeing this incredible site along with more great things farther down his walk, he contemplates in his head the praise he would get in his town for telling the fellow violent neighbors about great things that are at the other side of the river. People would see him as a hero for spotting the new land with extravagant resources all around it.

So he does, Samuel does not even visit his uncle before he decides to turn around and tell his town about what he has discovered. He reaches his city fairly quick and tells everyone about what he has seen. Immediately everyone decides that they must take action and attack the city no matter what the costs. This decision was made unanimously and so they started marching immediately with nothing in mind besides taking the land that they had set their eyes on. The fact that they started seeing blue clear waters and abundant fish down their trip made them even more motivated and excited to wreak havoc in Wintergreen if they don’t agree to surrender over their land.

As they reach Wintergreen Samuel seeks out the first person he see’s which happens to be Nick at the time. Samuel asks Nick, “ Surrender this land to us for living and we will not harm you and your neighbors.” Nick being shocked methodically decides what to say, “I don’t think that is possible, this land will be the same for you here and your home now. You must realize this is no ordinary river…” Interrupted, “That is a lie and you have forced us to do what is necessary.”

All of the people in Wintergreen were executed… And the river went dry thanks to the terrible doings by the greedy people of the Terror Zone.

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