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June 14, 2011
By Southie55 BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
Southie55 BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
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It’s another pack house in Thomas High School, were it’s a capacity coward of 5,000 people. Even though it is early December outside and all sidewalks and parks are covered with snow but inside the gym it feels like July. The smell of all different kinds of fragrance blended to make one great one. All the fine dimes in the city are attended. Their reflection had a hard time being they, they were so stunning. All of these people were here to watch the Thomas High wolf’s basketball team play some basketball. Some are here to watch the 6’4 shooting guard junior Jeff Reed. It’s been like this since his freshman year and now a star of the wolf basketball team. After every shot a big shot he glances into to the coward and every female the audience stand and clap

It’s 2 minutes in to the first quarter the wolfs’ are already up by 7 points, it 8 -1. Jeff takes it out of bound and brings it court. The Milton warriors are in a trapping defense. As Jeff brings it up they are two defenders on him around half court. He gives a head fake to the right then split the defenders sliding right between them. Having no open lane he stops pop and jacks up a three making it a 10-point game. Jeff had the coward on their feet the whole game. He finished with 30 points for the game 11 assist and 5 rebounds.

Jeff is a very down to earth guy after the game he would spend time with all his teammates. Even though he was the star of the team he treated every one with like his brother. After the game as he was heading home he seen Paul making shooting three and he was shock that he was making every single last one of them. Paul is a 5’8 senior that never got a chance to play because he is Jeff’s back up.

“This dude really got game” Jeff said.

The next night was the same as the other night, a pack coward. It was a tight game and the wolf’s were playing the Spartans, it was a tight game the wolfs’ were up by two. 1:30 to go, Jeff drove the ball up court spun off a defender and took off from the base line with a mean dunk. As soon as Jeff landed he gripped his left knee. Jeff face look like he just ate a whole lime, he had the look of pain. He could barely stand, as he got off the court, Paul was put in the game. With Jeff gone the wolfs’ didn’t have much defense. The score was now tied at 80 with 20 sec to go the coach called a time out.

“How is your shoot Paul” the coach said.

Paul’s eyes lit up and said “real good”

As the time out was over the point guard was being trapped he could get out of it so he past it out to Paul. At this time the coward is nervous and starts screaming out the time.

Paul give up the ball run around the screen his team mate set for him and pulls up for a three. All you heard was one big gasp from the coward “uhhhhhhh!!!!!” The three sounded like as if you dropped a rock into some water. The coward runs on to the court like a bunch of bulls charging they graphed Paul and put him in the air.

After this big game win Jeff got examine by doctors, he was supposed to be out for three weeks with is knee injury he felt way better by the second week. The next game was vs. their reveals the wild cats
“This is Paul Last year of high school I still have one more left maybe, but I feel like I could drop 30 on these wildcats …but he work so hard I should just milk this” Jeff thought.
The day before the game Jeff teammates says to him “you look find why are you not playing”
But even though Paul was a good player he was not enough to beat the Wildcats they won by 5. In the game he seems still nervous of wasn’t yet out of his shell but he still scored 18 with 6 assist and 5 rebounds. This didn’t compare to Jeff 30 point 12 rebounds and 7 assist.
Even though it was tough lost Jeff was glad he let Paul play. After the game Paul saw him in the gym shooting.
“You were faking it” Paul said, “why would you ever do that”
You deserved he said as he drains a three.
“Yes you did”, as the coach and college scouts from New Hampshire a division 1AA school, “so good that you deserve to play for us next year”

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