Eulogy: Little Pie Company

June 11, 2011
By abcdef BRONZE, NYC, New York
abcdef BRONZE, NYC, New York
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Any day in the past two years you could walk into the welcoming environment of the Little Pie Company, to find yourself experiencing a wonderful pumpkin pie. Once it was down your stomach, it left you wanting more. I remember the day it left us, as if it were yesterday. I ventured into the freezing cold longing for a warm pie that would warm my day. I looked though it’s windows expecting the usual array of pies. But, I was met with grief, sadness, and, anger, when I saw an empty landscape that once contained the Little Pie Company. There was a sign on the window, but there was no need to read it, I already knew that the Little Pie Company was no more. Never again will my appetite be satisfied at the corner of Greenwich and Chambers.

But, we must not dwell in the bad, but savor the good, the joy that was spread out by that small establishment throughout our neighborhood. When pies and happiness were plentiful. When the now empty shelves of the Little Pie Company were filled with a wide variety of pies and cupcakes; from the humble sweet potato to the elegant lemon merengue.

We must remember the Little Pie Companies generosity, as it might have been small, but sure had a big heart. It would never let a customer stand outside, they would be welcomed in and a warm pie would be offered.

But, the Little Pie Company could not live forever, and like five other establishments in that spot over the past decade, they perished under cruel Tribeca rent.

The Little Pie company will live forever in our stomachs and hearts.

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