Dialouge Between Laura and her Achillis Tendon

June 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Laura: OW! OUCH! YOWZA! Every time I take a step you pain me so. Why must you burden me with such excruciating feelings?
Tendon: I must remind you for you push me to my limits. Why don’t you give me a break? I like it when you swim. No pressure on me. It’s so very relaxing!
Laura: But dancing and playing basketball are so amusing! Why won’t you let me do the activities I wish to partake in?
Tendon: Every time you play those games, you end up hurting me. I don’t like feeling pain.
Laura: I don’t care! I’m going to dance and play basketball and you’re just going to have to endure it! --- OWWW!!! Why can’t you mollify the pain for more than five minutes?
Tendon: Remember when you ignored me all through sixth grade? All through the countless soccer games, tennis matches, and rounds of basketball with Andrew? I would send you a few pangs as a warning, but you refused to listen. Remember what happened then?
Laura: I broke you.
Tendon: Snapped straight in half. I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen. The pain is my way of giving you a helpful reminder to take it easy on me. I can only handle so much stress!
Laura: Fine, have it your way. I’ll swim today. But tomorrow, what if I play a game of basketball?
Tendon: Then I’ll be back with more painful reminders, like this-
Laura: OW! Fine I’ll give you a break. Are you happy now?
Tendon: Just peachy. But the next time you go for a three pointer or turn a pirouette, I’ll be waiting…..

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