"Rising Sun": A Short Screenplay by Coliosis

June 20, 2011
By Coliosis BRONZE, Fenton, Michigan
Coliosis BRONZE, Fenton, Michigan
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The scene opens upon a subdivision. The camera bounces up and down as though it’s being held. It’s sunny; so bright, something bad has to be happening. The camera comes to a stop at a house almost indistinguishable from the rest. The camera is turned upward, to show the house looming, its shadows apparent, above our protagonist. The camera pulls back to show our main character, staring with dread at his destination.

(To himself, with a sigh)
Back again.

He walks up to the door with forced confidence, forlorn evident in his eyes. He reaches to knock, but the door is opened by a beaming teen of the same age dressed in a white button-up shirt and black pants.

Teenager 2
(Brightly, loudly)
Back again, Colin. Welcome! I’m Colton, and I’m leading our session today. I see you came underdressed. That’s a one-time mistake, you Messy Matthew! I presume next time you’ll be in our attire.

Okay, man.

(All smile)
I’m Colton. Colton will do. Or Leader. Whichever you prefer.

Okay, Colton. Where do I go?

We’re all upstairs, to the right. Hurry on. I must watch for newcomers and latecomers.

The camera moves past Colton, who is laughing for no apparent reason, and up the stairs into the meeting. The room is perfectly tidy. The camera focuses tightly on a circle of kids Colin’s age, in the same clothes as Colton, who are smiling and sitting completely still. As Colin comes in from behind the shot, they part to make room for him.

Everyone, In Unison, To Colin

Hey, guys. I came back. What’s up?

Guy 1
(Sitting next to Colin)
Just obeying the rules.

Guy 1 laughs at what he says, like it’s a joke Colin will soon understand.

So, when do we start? I’ve been kind of tempted lately. I went to a party and there was a lot of stuff going on. The bad stuff. Drinking…I almost gave in. I just thought of you guys, though. It really helped.

Colin shifts around, uncomfortable.

Guy 1
Congratulate, Colin, my friends, for he did not give in to evil. Evil evil evil things.

Everyone claps politely, like someone just gave a thoughtful eulogy.

(To guy 1)
I didn’t catch your name

Guy 1 stares blankly at Colin. His smile wavers for a split second.

What’s your name again?

Guy 1
Call me Part 1, Colin. All of us here are just parts in a finely tuned machine built to drive you out of your addiction.

Yeah, I really can’t take it any more. It’s not like I wanted to in the first place…it was just there.

Guy 2
(Sitting on the other side of Colin)
Evil is all around us. We can conquer evil, with help. Help from each other. Together, we are together. Apart, we are evil, evil beings.

The camera closes in on Colin’s nervous face. It clenches claustrophobically upon him.

Heh, totally. Are we going to talk about anything? How’d you guys beat addiction?

The group ruffles collectively, as though they just malfunctioned.

The Whole Group
(Singing ominously)
When we’re together
Through sun and bad weather
We’ll fight evil forever

Addictions so strong
So horrid, so wrong
We’ll sing our song

When we’re complete
We won’t accept loss or defeat
So take a seat

And become
A Rising Sun

The group finishes their song and stares together at Colin.

(Panic in his eyes)
I didn’t know this was Choir class!

The group does not understand or acknowledge his lame attempt at humor. The camera moves to directly above Colin’s head as he stands up, and is pulled back down by Guys 1 & 2.

Guy 2
Sit with us, Colin. You haven’t become one of us yet, Colin; a Rising Sun. Don’t you want to become a Rising Sun. It’s oh-so pleasant. We’re connected.

Guy 1 and Guy 2 look at each other knowingly.

Guy 1
(To Guy 2)
No, not yet.

Colin, finally realizing he needs to leave immediately, stands up. Just as he does, Colton walks into the room.

No stragglers! I’m back, everyone! Now where could you be going Colin? It hasn’t even happened yet! You can’t possibly leave before you become a Rising Sun. Don’t you want to beat addiction, Colin? You can’t fight addiction without us. Us is all you’ve got left. You have nothing. Don’t leave us, Colin. We need you as much as you need us. Don’t disappoint us.

No. I’ll just, pick up sculpting or something. I can get through this by myself. I think this group thing isn’t for me. I’m more of a lone wolf. I like to work through things on my own, you know?

But you were so eager to return. Did something dissuade you?

Colton slowly, subtly makes his way toward Colin, pushing him gently back into his spot between Guys 1 and 2.

Let’s begin before Colin here changes his mind.

The whole group stands, except for Colin, who is trying to move backward towards the door. They suddenly swoosh in, engulfing Colin in a sea of white and black. From inside the group, they rip off Colin’s grey shirt. It lands on the floor right outside the group. Colin screams, bloodcurdling screams. The shot cuts to a knife scraping across Colin’s back. The knife cuts out “Rising Star” in savage lettering. All the while, Colin twists and writhes beneath their hands.

(Smiling smugly)
Now don’t squirm too much, Colin. It only hurts if you have evil inside. We’re expelling that evil, Colin.

Colin sits upward violently and the knife scrapes his face. Blood drips down onto Colton’s white shirt.

Uh-oh, Colin. Be careful. You still have the evil inside of you. WE’ll cut it out, for you. Just sit back down, relax. You’ll be Rising soon enough.

F*** this!

He punches Colton in the face. Colton falls backward and the whole group quickly attends to him. Colin stands up and stares in horror. He looks to the door.

Please sit back down, Colin. Why don’t you go help him Part 2.

Guy 2 walks over to Colin calmly. Colin opens the door and stumbles down the stares. The camera shakes with Guy 2 as he runs down the stairs to catch Colin. Colin makes it through the door and just before it closes you see “Rising Sun” carved into his back, but the “N” isn’t finished. Guy 2 turns around to see Colton, standing angrily and coiled behind him. Colton jumps towards Guy 2 and breaks his neck. Colton begins to smile.

Night never lasts for too long.

Fade to black.

The shot opens on Colin doing laundry. It’s nighttime and a fluorescent light flickers above him. Annette Hanshaw’s “I’m Following You” begins playing in the background. Colin pulls off his shirt and puts it in the washing machine. The unfinished “Rising Sun” is visible on his back. Colton comes into the shot, knife in hand. He tackles Colin to the ground. Colin starts to scream, but you can’t hear him over the music. Colton finishes the “N” on Colin’s back, then shoves Colin’s head into the door of the washing machine. He slams it shut onto Colin. Blood pours onto the ground and stains the sleeve of Colton’s white shirt. The camera zooms in on the stain.
Fade to black. The song closes out.

The author's comments:
I wrote a script.

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on Jul. 25 2011 at 10:31 am
Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
20 articles 1 photo 62 comments
woah, I really like this whole concept, but I thought it could have been a little bit clearer on some things. Overall it was pretty good.


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