May 30, 2011
Feelings and relationships are not worth the effort for anyone in this world, so eliminate them. You can learn to take care of yourself. Actually, no one needs to learn, they just know. Every person is born with the necessary instincts of self-preservation; they know what is best for them.
You don’t need the “nurturing” of a mother; it makes you act younger than you are. You don’t need the “protection” of a father, it makes you weak. You don’t need “rivalry” between you and your siblings, because it gives you a base for hate and fighting all your life. You don’t need a grandmother to spoil you, an uncle to throw you up in the air and call you nicknames; you don’t need a grandfather to tell you stories form half a century ago. You don’t need any of these people. Nobody does. You definitely don’t need the grief when they die, the sorrow when they desert you, the pain when they make bad choices. If they make bad choices, it should only affect them. Don’t pull the family into it, it is not necessary. A family is not worth the trouble. And certainly not friends either. Someone might be your friend, now they’re not, now only a little, now ‘best-est ever’. And don’t even think about having a romantic relationship. All it gives you is stress, sleepless nights, tears on your pillow, a ruined reputation. Nothing is worth this. So stay at home, by yourself. You don’t need family or friends. All you need is your computer. Receive your education sitting in a cell at school, go to work in your cubicle, and then sleep in your assigned room. You can have a full life. You don’t need people
They all feel this way. Why do they feel this way? Why would they do this? They all seem to enjoy this life. This life without human contact, no relationships. Everybody enjoys it; they think it makes things ‘simpler.’ But we know how necessary humans are to each other; we know how horrible being alone can be for a person. When they take away our children, parents, siblings, even distant relatives; that means they have taken away our feelings, emotions, sensitivity, and compassion. People, in the absence of other people, become lacking energy, unenthusiastic, indifferent, and cold. Their hearts lose passion. They lose the capacity to love everlastingly, like only a mother can. Or to love so much you want to protect from every danger, like only a father. Or love at all. Where would the human race be without love, without loyalty that is only borne from having relationships, having connections with other people? We would be alone, completely. Isolated.

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