Listen Liz

May 30, 2011
I’m sorry, I know I hurt you. I can feel myself rubbing your heels and feet totally raw. I cause you so much pain just like that boy does. Oh shoot, what’s his name again? Jansen, Jason… Oh that’s right , John! He doesn’t deserve you, nor is he worth your time. I’m just like him, handsome to look at but painful to wear. I don’t get why you wear me or that raunchy and ridiculous looking right skirt. I don’t even match with it! Stop trying to be like her, Liz. Just because John likes Courtney now, it doesn’t mean a thing. Just because she wears my sisters and brothers, it doesn’t mean you should. You’re honestly not proving anything to anyone when you’re in pain and can’t walk up or down the stairs. I’m five inches too tall and you keep falling. You can’t handle me like you can’t handle losing John. I’ve seen you cry over him before you sleep. The little drops of salty water are the music notes of your lullaby. If he doesn’t realize how perfectly imperfect you are, then he doesn’t deserve you in the first place. Liz, listen to Taylor! She is right. She knows the pain and the terrible feeling you get in your stomach. Taylor pulled through her pain and now she’s helping you. Listen, Liz, listen.

Liz, you’re walking towards your locker now. I can tell because I’ve been this way once before. I’ve brought you teetering towards this destination. I hear the swishing of your combination. 48-2-27. I hear you whispering it to yourself. The locker opens and behold comfort in simplicity. Your tattered jeans, a Star Wars t-shirt and your ruby red Converses. You rush towards the bathroom, run towards the nearest stall and you throw me off. I hear you pulling on comfort with a sigh of relief. There’s my Liz. I’m so proud of you and I won’t say I told you so. You listened, Liz. You listened.

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