A Debate on the Human Issue

May 30, 2011
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There was once a council of animals that gathered together to discuss the issues of the world that surrounded them every day. Under this time the rules of predator and prey were suspended, but only for a short time. When the issue of humans came up, there came a loud frenzy of voices from many of the animals.

“The uncaring brute!” Cried one of the many in the crowd, who was full of anger.

“Devils on earth!” Shouted another member of the council.

Suddenly out of the crowd came shout, “Silence! All of you be quiet!” Every member of the council, who had now become silent, turned towards the source of the voice to see the leader of the council, Wise Owl. “Humans, while are quite often negative entities to us, are not as bad as others.” Stated the owl calmly and wisely, “While some will destroy our homes, others will allow new ones to exist.”

The other member suddenly began shouting at him calling him a “Human-loving moronic traitor.” It was at this moment that Fast Rabbit spoke up over them. “They maybe your ‘friends’ but they certainly are not that way to my kind and definitely that way to many of the fellow members of this grand council. They view many of us as pest and will kill us just for the fun of it.” He argued to owl and getting curt nods from at the end of his speech from Small Mouse and Large Rat.

“Yes, but without them, many of your kinds favorite kinds of food would almost be almost nonexistent. As for you calling them my ‘friends’, I will assure that they are not anything like that. I can just understand there ways more than many members of this council can, or so it seems.” The owl stated honestly. Fast Rabbit, though was undeterred.

“Let us not forget that they hunt almost every creature that is at this meeting, and not just for food. More often than not they will just hunt for the skin and for the head only and just disposing of the rest of the body in some way or another. Unlike many of the hunting creature which stands here before us today.” The rabbit stated bluntly.

The owl though had already decided on his closing statement for this debate. “While I know of no other creature that hunts solely for the pelt or the head, they are not the only creature which hunts just for thrills. Dogs, cats, foxes, and many others will hunt for practice and for fun; what’s more they will just leave the body to go into the earth. The owl said as his final statement on that matter.

Now my friends it is your time to decide who is right. The owl or the rabbit. The council grew to a stalemate on this issue, like many other times, now you must decide who is right. For he who seeks negative will find negative. He who seeks positive will find positive.

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