Dreams of Bloody Glass and Sex

May 30, 2011
A flash of deafening light. A lashing out of the angry sky’s tears. The moonlight poured through the cracks and breaks in the cave that had swallowed two new victims shortly after sunset. A girl, a boy. The boy picked up a single shard of sharp glimmering glass and held it towards the girl. Fear enveloped every bit of her being but she remained silent and watched her beautiful boy. He lifted the glass to his cheek and smiled a cynical smirk before slicing into his nearly colorless flesh. The girl stared at the deep red dripping from the wound, clenching her teeth in pleasure. She forced her eyes to pull away. Her desire for the boy grew. Her own blood pulsed through its veins, begging to be set free like the boy’s. Sensing her craving, he brought the weapon near her again, at her thigh now. With one swift nick above the knee, the boy coaxed the crimson fluid to come out and play. Her body quivered. With each beat of her heart, a raucous thudding against her eardrums, her need for him grew. Within a few moments, seemingly hours or days even, he pushed her to the icy tile. Her body screamed to obey with the exciting pain of the fall. The boy’s rough hands searched her skin, riding the curves, and before long she could feel his desire against her. He pulled himself up to hover over the girl and possessed her lips with his own. With another flicker of lightning, darkness. A crashing, a scream. Sunlight. The sun smiled sweetly, and the wind alone whispered the night’s secrets.

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