To My Crayon Box

May 28, 2011
Dear Box Of Crayons,

I must say we have come a long way. I remember the day I got you. You came with that old Blues Clues coloring book. That’s long gone. I used your crayons to color on every single page. Mostly scribbles, but as I grew older, I knew that coloring in the lines looked better. I was soon shading and mixing colors and making wonderful pictures of my own with you. Your first crayon went missing when I was 7. It was the light blue, which meant all my pictures of the outdoors were of evening and night time. Then yellow disappeared. When I drew the sun it came out more orangey than gold. Wow, we have drawn so much. Now all your crayons are old. Some have no paper on them, some are broken, some are just little nubs. I got a new box of crayons, yes, I admit, but I didn’t forget you. I didn’t throw you out. I kept you in my closet where I wouldn’t lose you. I’m going off to college now and I am afraid I can’t keep you any longer. I can’t hand you off you someone who will love you because your practically unusable, except for the brown, which I never used. I should have used it more. I should have drawn more puppies and horses. I should have made more of the people I drew have brown hair, but I didn’t. I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll draw one more picture, all with the brown crayon. I’ll keep it forever, and I will let you go. I’m sorry it’s over, but it was fun while it lasted.


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