The Man

June 10, 2011
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There was one man one day who was looking for something to do. He came up with nothing to do so instead he just wanted to hurt some one in any way possible. So he’s driving around town seeing who his victim will be. He comes upon this teenage boy at least 18 years of age he drives up to him and offers him a ride. The 18 year old boy says no thanks as he should’ve. But the man refused so instead he starting telling the boy that he would pay him to get in and accept the ride. The boy accepted after the man gave him two hundred dollars to get in the car. So the man tells the 18 year old boy he’s going to be taking him somewhere that was fun and exciting. When they got there the man stopped car opened the boy’s car door and threw him out and he went to the back of his trunk and got out a baseball bat. Then the man was hitting the boy to death with the bat then when he was dine he threw the boys body down a ditch and just drove away like nothing happened.
Several days later a man found the boys body in a ditch while he was heading home. He called the police and they got the body out of the ditch and looked at it to see what happened. They saw that the 18 year old boy was brutally hit over and over by a wooden baseball bat. No one knew who caused this tragedy and how they attempted to do it or if they already had it all planned out. But the question that the police had in their mind is why they would do this to some random teenage kid.
Months after the whole incident with the young teenage boy another killing happened on February 3rd and it was done by the same weapon used as last time. This time these incidents happen to a teenage girl. She was heading from basket ball practice as she was walking home a man came up to her and asked her if she needed a ride home. The teenage girl told the man no thanks I’d rather walk. So then the man asks her are you sure you don’t want me to give you a ride. The teenage girl says no again this time with a little more attitude and she kept saying no until she got tired of saying it. Then finally she stopped and the man told her ill give you one hundred dollars if you get in my car and let me take you home. So the teenage girl got interested because there was money involved so she says alright ill let you give me a ride home but only if you take me straight home and no where else.

Time was going by still the teenage girl was in the car driving with this man to who knows where. All she knew was that the man offered her a ride and offered to pay her one hundred dollars to get in the car and that she was only heading home. From there the teenage girl had no idea of where she was going with this man. Finally the man says hey were going to stop here for a little while and the teenage girl said oh okay. The girl had no clue where she was at because she was in the middle of no where. So the man pulls over by an old barn and stops the car. He gets out of the car and starts heading towards the barn. The girl asks the man where are you going and he says am looking for something I left here. Then the man tells the girl it won’t take long. After several minutes the man says to the girl you know it will take less time if you’d help me.

The girl decides to help the man out. So they’re looking for something the man supposedly left here at this abandon barn. When the girl wasn’t looking the man went to the trunk of his car and got out a bat. He came behind the girl and boom swings at her and knocks her out. After the man saw her on the ground he began to hit her on the face brutally and after many hits her face was opened up. The girl no longer had a face, only pieces of skin that were left on there. So suddenly the man wraps the girl’s body in news paper that he got out of his car. Then he carried the body to the old barn and just threw it in a corner. He just then went to his car and drove off leaving nothing of evidence. Years after the killings of the teenage killing the man was finally caught after he brutally killed 47 teenagers. Ever since those killings people have told stories about the man.

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