Lucky's First Day of School

June 10, 2011
By , La Mesa, CA
Today is Lucky’s first day of high school. He is nervous because he doesn’t know any one and is too shy to talk to make friends.
When Lucky got to school he saw lots of people laughing and comparing their class schedules. “I wish my old friends went to this school…” he thought. Just then the bell rang and he hurried off to his first class.
“Okay class, find a partner. We are going to start a project today.” The teacher said as she wrote her name on the board. Lucky looked around but he didn’t know anyone.
Everyone was busy finding partners and moving around until Lucky and the meanest kid in the class were left. They had to be partners and he threw paper at Lucky’s head all period.
In Lucky’s second class he sat next to the prettiest girl he had ever seen, Ruby. As Lucky daydreamed about her she asked him for a pencil.
“Hey… Are you awake?” she whispered. “Oh! Um… Here. Sorry...” Lucky stammered. “Haha thanks.” She giggled. Lucky could feel his face turning red with embarrassment.
Next Lucky had P.E. The captains were choosing soccer teams and Lucky was picked last. He sat on the sidelines the whole game.
On his way back to the locker room, Lucky slipped and fell in the mud. Everyone laughed at him and he ran away to go change before he could embarrass himself more.
On the way to his next class he looked around at all the groups of people laughing and walking to their next classes. “I wish I had someone to walk with.” He thought just as he bumped right into Ruby.
“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Ruby exclaimed as all her papers and books fell to the floor. They bent down to pick them up. “I’m sorry that was my fault. I wasn’t looking. Here.” Lucky stammered as he handed her her book. “It’s okay. Thanks.” Ruby said with a smile as she walked away. Lucky had missed his chance to talk to her. He sighed and hurried off to class.

At lunch Lucky found a shady tree to sit under. He started on his sandwich when a boy in a yellow shirt came over and asked if he could sit down.

He found out that the boy’s name was Spot and that they had a lot in common. Spot was new too and soon they were best friends. Lucky was very proud of himself for talking to someone new.

Lucky and Spot had their last class together and Lucky sat next to Ruby. “Just talk to her!” Spot whispered. “What could go wrong?” So Lucky nervously started talking to Ruby but relaxed when he realized how nice she was. He asked her to the movies and she said yes.

On Lucky’s way home from school he was so excited for his date. “Today started out so bad but now its going to be amazing all because I decided to talk to a couple people and not be shy!”

“Hey son how was school?” Lucky’s dad asked as he walked in the door. “Great but I have to go get ready I have a date tonight!” “That’s my boy! First day of school and he’s already a player.” Lucky’s dad chuckled.

Later that night Spot’s phone rang. “Hey Spot, It’s Lucky. My date went perfectly Ruby’s my girlfriend!” “Good job, man! I told you not to be shy and just talk to her.” They talked for a little while longer and for the rest of high school they were best friends.

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