He climbs?

June 10, 2011
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“The blue hold on the left, that’s the one, the one shaped like a cloud. Nice…” said a voice from behind. She turned around and was astounded to find it was Mr. Harper. No, she must have been mistaken; he was never friendly, let alone helpful! He would never talk to his students outside of school, and why would he give one of his “not-so-best” students tips on where to go next? Anyway, he climbs?! “Thanks” muttered Rosie, eager to get out of his sight so he wouldn’t notice the bewildered look on her face. She was happy, he had saved her traverse, and she took climbing very seriously, but at the same time she wanted her climbing session to end quickly. The last thing she wanted after failing the last test was to have to spend one hour alone at the climbing wall with that guy.

She didn’t hate him, she just didn’t think he was a very social person, and it slightly worried her when he helped her, come on, he didn’t even help students do their work in class, why would he help her in climbing? He was famous in high school for helping students get suspended for silly little things like having gum in class, or whispering with their friends. The beast, they called him.

Rosie came down to have a drink, and sat down. She had noticed a change in him the previous couple of weeks, he was… nicer. Was she the only one to notice the change? Was it just some sort of illusion? But it couldn’t be, last time she gave her homework late he didn’t keep her during break, he didn’t e-mail her parents about her failed test, and now he was helping her climb? Something strange was around… the smell of change was in the air.

But why? Rosie thought on her way home. Was he getting married, or, maybe some relation of his was, or maybe… Rosie didn’t know, but she couldn’t help but wonder, despite the fact that she knew it was none of her business. Anyway, he climbs?

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