Ivan and Laziness

June 9, 2011
In rural village of Russia miles away from the capitol, Ivan lay on his warm stove awake.
Ivan: Oh how I wish to be that wealthy boyar…
Laziness: Look at your self before desiring to be someone you are not capable of being.
Ivan: What do you mean my laziness? All summer I have been working hard in our garden trying to produce a crop of potatoes to feed my old mother and myself.
Laziness: Oh is that so my laboring friend, because I do recall you sitting on the fence and plucking your carved, wooden balalaika while singing joyous tunes day to night. Your mother at that time was busy cooking you bread and rich, delicious pirogi. She paid for and gathered the wheat from the neighbor’s fields.
Ivan: Is that true because the summer days were so long ago and now just looking at those fields of snow make me shiver. Today perhaps, I will stay home and rest than go out to the market, it is quite far.
Laziness: Now here you go again my friend have you not noticed that your mother has gone away to fetch some milk and other products for your cause yet you have not done one good thing but sleep.
Ivan: What is the date today my laziness; I beg you kindly to reply.
Laziness: Have you forgot dear friend that today the girl your mother plans you to wed with will come in and see that you are a suitable, nice man?
Ivan: Oh no is it today that my lovely Natasha will come in? And she will see me like this? In these dirty clothes? These woven valenkies that are upon my feet? Oh I don’t have much time to get myself prepared, to warm the house!
Laziness: My dear friend I will be sincere with you, since the dawn of the young snowflakes on the porch, you have not moved your sluggish body up from this stove. What future do you have envisioned for yourself, because I see none with the state you’re in?
Ivan: I realize I am at fault in all my lazy ways. It was always my dream to marry Natasha and go along our festive way to paths unknown to us. You see I am a dreamer with no motives to act upon. I have desired to gallop straight up to the capitol, my young wife at my side and see the king, the grand boyars and try my luck up there. I wanted to make my mother proud and fill her life with merry gifts. Now only do I see the truth…
Laziness: My master, it is not late I tell you now, to retain a lively life. You still are very young, Ivan. Remember I will always be inside you but never let me spread onto yourself and others. I leave you with all my blessings, your laziness and friend.

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