Tall Tales of Iron Mountain

June 9, 2011
By Rachel Chagnon BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Rachel Chagnon BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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It was a nice, chilly Saturday afternoon up in the mountains. My cousin and I were sitting on a log chatting about our previous days of camping and previous camping experiences. All of a sudden, a strange girl walked up out of nowhere. We didn’t know her and hadn’t seen her before, however, she appeared to be nice and eager to talk to us. She had told us that she overheard our conversation of our treacherous hikes, however hers was completely, the most crazy and terrifying hike experience of them all. The girl was tall and lanky and appeared to be kind of like a weakling. However, her story made her sound quite strong and ready for anything to further stir up in her life:

‘Last summer, was the time that the craziest day of my life occurred. I had been sitting in my bedroom all day, reading a magazine and listening to music, when my mother decided that it would be good for me to get out and get some fresh air. She decided that Iron Mountain was the best place possible for this.

We began our drive up to Poway, up Route 67, when all of a sudden black, angry rain clouds started coming in. Nearly two seconds later, it started to pour rain. The million little raindrops clumped together to form a raging river flooding down the curving road, almost pushing us back down the hill. But no, we pushed our little C-RV back to the top. Finally, we reached the parking spaces in front of Iron Mountain.
The mountain literally looked like it was made of iron and steel. Tall and ferocious like a monster ready to swallow me up as I traveled it’s path. Only two miles into the hike, a homeless man ran out of a dark cave and started chasing us. “RUN!” he shouted, “A rock slide is coming, so you better move it or I will move it for you.” My mother and I did as he said. I already did not want to go on this hike at all, and things just got weirder and worse as time went on. Just as the homeless man said, a rock slide came tumbling down the mountain, crushing everything in sight. We almost died. Until when we jumped off the cliff, and we landed on our car and drove home.’

“Well…wow,” exclaimed my cousin and I, “That is quite an experience.” We were very shocked and speechless to say the least. It almost sounded as if this could have never happened…

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