Pablo the Poptarts Adventure

June 9, 2011
By Nathanael Barrell BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Nathanael Barrell BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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There was a Poptart roaming the streets of Los Angles and there was a kid that walked right over it. Then he just looked at the kid, he was a big kids he must have been three foot six inches. This looks like a giant to a Poptart that is only 6 inches tall. He probably was about seventy five pounds, that like seventy four and ten onuses heavier then the Poptart.

The kid bent down to pick up the Poptart, oh by the way the Poptart’s name is Pablo. Any ways back to the story, the kid tried to pick up Pablo but then Pablo ran as fast as his little Poptart legs could let him. The kid chased him for many minutes many blocks, until Pablo got too tired to run any longer. He finally gave up and asked please kid don’t eat me! The kid picked Pablo up and said “not now maybe later not sure?”

Pablo was kind of confused about how the kid talked to him. Pablo felt like he talked to him, like the kid was a cave man. But the kid kept talking like that and it went on and on for a couple more hours till the kids belly growled. Pablo knew that this was a bad time to be with the kid, because he just got hungry and might eat him. So then the kid made a big mistake by taking Pablo home and setting him down on the table. When Pablo realized that the kid put him down he ran.

He ran out the doggy door and he just kept running and looking back. Then he was a black away Pablo looked back and then he saw… the kid running towards him and gaining on him very quickly. Then Pablo turned the corner and then there was a big scary dog. So he turned back around and started to run again. The kid was breathing down his neck, and so was the big scary dog. But it wasn’t just the kid chasing him. The big scary dog was chasing both of them now.

When the dog passed the kid and he just kept chasing Pablo. So when the kid saw Pablo turned on to a street. The kid knew a way faster way to meet him on the other end of the street. So the kid ran through the park and met Pablo at the end of the street. Pablo and the scary dog stopped because of the kid and every one stared at each other.

Then Pablo saw that the los angles Dodgers stadium was right on his left of him. So he ran in it and he knew that he could get on the field in hide before the big scary dog, and the kid got on the field and that his twin brother lives there in the away teams dugout. So Pablo just ran for his life and he finally got to the tunnel to get on the field. He just ran to the away sides dugout and he couldn’t find his brother. He was so scared that the big scary dog, and the kid would come find him.

When he turned around and looked the big scary dog and the kid found the way down to the field. Then he looked at the pitcher’s mound, and he saw his twin brother practicing his pitching for the Poptarts World Series. He saw the kid kick the dog and the dog got knocked out. And the kid just went to Pablo’s twin brother and he yelled Paco NO! The kid just ate Paco right up and didn’t hesitate to eat him. That was the first time he went to see Paco at his home, and it was hit last time. And there was one wired thing about it. It was his first time he ever shed a tear.

Pablo learned that he should never take what he has for grant it and that he should always see his family as much as he could. So he went right to see Mamma Poptart and said he loved her so much. And never will say no when ever she asked to see him. The end!

The author's comments:
I wrote this pice right after i saw a Poptart box.

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