June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

One sunny morning I get up from bed. I open the fridge and grab the milk. While I am eating cereal my dog starts whimpering. “Alright alright ill take you out jeez.” I said.

As I open up the front door I see a very dense layer of fog covering the streets. The whole neighborhood looked dead. Weirdly my dog would not leave the house. So I just go back inside and sit back down to eat my cereal. All of a sudden I start hearing moaning and groaning coming from outside. So I look out the window. I could not believe my eyes, I see things that looked like humans with pale and cut up faces! But than my heart dropped straight to my stomach. These things are zombies!

I don’t really know what to do, so I try calling my friends but no one answers. So I run up to my room to grab my pistol, and the first thing that goes through my head is “more ammunition”

I grab a duffle bag to put food in. I run down stairs and forcefully open the pantry door, and throw in all of the nonperishable food I can find. Than I grab my dog and jump into my car, and peel out of the driveway running over a couple zombies in the process.

My first thought of where I should to go was the gun store in town to stalk up on weapons and ammo. While I am driving I start thinking about my family and what happened to them. Like what if they were bit and turned in to one of them, I would have to kill my own mother and father. So I just turn on the radio and try to get those thoughts out of my head.

The gun store was in sight so I quickly drive up and jump out of the car to go in. but than I see a massive hoard of zombies inside feeding on the gun store owner! I have to do what is necessary, so I jump in the car, back up, and start flooring it towards the glass doors. My car went flying through the door and in to the zombies. Some of them didn’t die so I had to shoot them in the head. I get up out of the wrecked car to get guns. I brought another duffle bag from home to hold all of the guns and supplies. I put in a couple assault rifles, a couple shotguns, and one scoped hunting rifle, and I also put in a bunch of ammunition for all the guns. I go to jump back into my car and drive off but it won’t start! So I grab my dog, my weapons bag, and my food bag and start looking for another car. I finally come to find a big SUV with the keys in the ignition. So I start the car and just drive off not knowing where I am headed.

Finally I come upon something that looks like a camp where uninfected people live. As I drive up the hill I start seeing tents set up and makeshift bedding on the ground. I start to smell something that smells like rotting meat up ahead. So I drive up to check it out, but what I see is not what I expected. I see a dead rotting deer just laying on the road with a zombie feeding on it. I quickly pull out my pistol and shoot the zombie in the forehead making quite a mess on the road. So I search the rest of the campsite but could not find any uninfected people so I just get back into my car and drive off towards the city again.

Right when I get into the city my gas light turns on. So I start heading to the nearest gas station to fill my tank. Once I get there I swipe my credit card and start filling it up. In the mean time I wanted to get a drink. So I walked into the store and took a soda. When I walked out I heard the click meaning the gas was done. So I take the gas hose out, start my car, and drive off. It was getting dark so I need to find some place where I can sleep for the night. Than I see a sign for Costco so I go there hoping that it was not over run by infected. When I arrive at Costco it looks pretty safe but I still have to move cautiously. As I entered the store doors all of the lights are out, and it’s really dark. So I grab my assault rifle, flip the switch on the flashlight, and head in with my dog. Once I’m done searching the store I bring all of my equipment in from the car. The first thought that went through my head was what if the zombies attack me during the night. So I grabbed a bunch of dog food bags and stacked them up by the doors. After that I lay out some sleeping pads and a sleeping bag. Than I lie down and try to go to sleep.

The next morning I am awaken by my dog’s slobbery tongue licking my face. Than I realize why he is up so early, there are zombies out side of the all the stores doors eating through all of the dog food! I quickly get up and peak out the window. There is thousands of infected hoarding the store. Than it finally came to me, there is no way I am getting out of this store alive. So I grab a bunch of propane tanks and stack them by the doors and all around the entrance. Now all I have to do is just sit here and wait for the zombies to enter the store. After about an hour and a half an idea comes to my mind. I quickly grabbed the scoped hunting rifle, a box of ammo, and climbed to the highest part of the store I could. Than I aimed my crosshairs at one of the gasoline barrels and prepared to shoot. Then all of a sudden all of the zombies start hoarding in to the store so I shoot one of the tanks and all of the zombies explodes in flames, but me and my dog were safe.

After all of the flames die down I go outside and see a few zombies walking around outside, but not nearly as much as before though. So I get into my car and start driving home. But when I get there my door is wide open and there is a car parked in my driveway. As I enter the house with my gun loaded and ready to shoot any infected person I see I hear the TV on in my room upstairs. So I go up the stairs and open my door but what I see is not what I expected. I see my son, my mom, and my wife sitting on the couch watching TV. I am so overjoyed to see them that I just drop the gun and run up and give everyone a hug and tell them all about what happened to me. After we are all done sharing our stories we start watching the news again, and they are saying that a lot of the zombies are dyeing off so they advise everyone to stay in side and just wait until all of them die off. So that is what we are all going to do. Once this whole thing is over the world will never ever be the same.

The author's comments:
My piece is about a zombie apocalypse.

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