My Special Place

June 7, 2011
By HG814 BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
HG814 BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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In this place there are many that any person would like, it is not a specific place on this planet. My Walden is located in the place were I am surrounded by all the things that I love and the people that love me. In my Walden, there are no worries, there is no stress and especially there is no Homework. This is a place were I can do what ever I want as long it is morally correct and legal in most states of America. This special Walden is bad prejudice free, and is free from the worst thing ever created by man: racism.

Every time I am in my Walden, I am at peace with the world. I know I can be my self, every term of the word myself! The last time I was in my Walden ii was not satisfied by the lack of people that were there, however, there was enough people and things that make up my Walden. These things consist of my favorite foods and people. My favorite foods are pollo con mole, posole, carne asada, enchiladas, and fruits. My people that reside in my Walden consist of my entire Mexican family and all of my multi-race friends. This is the most important factors that make my Walden so special to me, that I just love being there and I do not want to leave it even though I have to. In my special place I always have fun there and there is always some one there I can have fun with. I feel that this is the best place in the world because the people you love surround you and no one in this universe can take that away from me.

The author's comments:
A Walden is a person's special place.

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