June 7, 2011
He felt it. The darkness, the cold, endless depth. It enveloped him, encasing him into a depressing cocoon. He felt it trying to crawl into the nooks and crannies of his ears, nose and mouth. He felt alone. He was alone. He thought of the world through his point of view. The one he had chosen for himself.

He imagined a Holocaust, being taken away and dragged from his home and family. He imagined being put into a camp, just for being a Jew. He shivered, the darkness pressed steadily closer. He wondered how he would die. Natural death was a kind thought, but he decided nay, that would not happen. He was bound to be poisoned, or catch some sort of disease that would cause a painful decay that would eventually claim his life. He hated it. He felt pressure on his mouth. That was when the whispers came. They were worse than the darkness. He pulled himself into a tighter ball, trying to escape. Reality, He despised it.

The scientists and doctors watched the body from the glass chamber above. This creature was their new experiment. It shivered and pulled itself closer. When looking at it from a distance, once might say that it was just a man, cowering from an imagined enemy, but with a closer look, one would see the scar that traced across its skull. The doctors had taken this bod, as a child and had removed every organ in the brain that excreted happiness to the body. They had educated it in history and in the world, and now they sat, watching it in its misery, wondering what it was thinking.

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