Silver and Regret

June 7, 2011
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The gorgeous woman steps into the glow of the moonlight. Everything around her settles in her presence.
A crystal tear glistens as it slides from her blue jewel eye down her porcelain cheek. Sadness sinks deep within her being, for she has done something truly regrettable. More tears streak down her fragile-looking face now a little more freely.
The woman tilts her head toward the everlasting moon. How did all this happen to her? She had two wonderful men in her life that cared so much for her, and she lost them with just a few words. Those damned words took away her soul mate and her best friend, both of which she loves so much.
It’s all too much to lose at once. The beautiful woman’s face shatters with remorse. Her strength gives out from her stance and she sinks to the damp grass. Her crippled form is sad enough to bring mercy to the darkest of beings, but there is no one around. Quickly, the memories flood her head, tugging her weakening spirit further down.
She is utterly alone. All who care or cared for her are not here in her time of need. Feelings of loneliness bring her to her last straw; she can no longer take this depression.
The beautiful woman pulls out an intricately-designed silver dagger. Knives like the one she holds in her hands are usually only made purely for decoration, and are never used for their true meaning. That is what this dagger was meant for when it was welded by a royal’s finest blacksmith. It has been passed down from one generation to the next, finally to fulfill its destiny this solemn night.
She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Her tears lighten their flow down on her desperate face. She is about to be released. Will this make her happy? She thinks over the life she just lived. Yes, this will make her happy. She mutters her last words to white orb that shines down on her while placing the cold blade against her ivory neck.
“With silver and regret, my loves.”
The silence takes over; a flood of burgundy red satin erupts under the virgin blade.

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