Night at the beach

June 7, 2011
By CheyenneNichole96 BRONZE, Bayport, New York
CheyenneNichole96 BRONZE, Bayport, New York
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When I got out of the water, I felt the cool, fresh air on my skin. The small waves crashing behind me. While some people surfed and others just relaxed, it looked like a typical night for summer. The air smelt like salt. The only light we had was from the stars and a few tiki torches. The warming glow wasn’t enough. So, while my friends tried to make a fire, someone screamed for help from the water. It sounded like a dog whistle gone mad.

We couldn’t see anyone because it was so dark. So, we just ignored it. Then someone else screamed as if they were in one of those horror movies, being chased by Jason. This time I ran to the edge of the water. Once again, no one was to be found. All of a sudden Jessie started to cry. Then, I saw it. Her boyfriend was floating in the water like driftwood. He was motionless.

“Call for help!” I screamed. My face turning red as I ran out of air. With Jessie trying to hold me back I dove in the water. I was going to save whoever I can from being killed. Jessie ran to grab a cloth or towel.

Finally, I dragged him out of the water. His knee had a football shape around it and the teeth marks evenly spaced. Jessie wrapped the towel around his knee. He didn’t lose any body parts for some reason. We considered it a miracle. With the warm sand underneath our feet, we waited for the paramedics. It felt like eternity just waiting there, in the cool, salt water air. Once, we heard the blood stopping siren we jumped up. The aids got Michael on the stretcher and asked if there was anyone else.

“No, but there was another scream. I don’t think they made it though.” I said as I looked down. By now I was freezing. The cool air turned cold and the waves were more violent. When I watched Jessie get in the ambulence with Michael, I just stood there. By the time they were gone, every one else went home. The only two people on the beach were me and my boyfriend, Scott.

I couldn’t even move. My legs were frozen straight like icicles. My brain was in lockdown mode and my heart was slowly stopping. It felt like I was dying. After a while Scott came up to me and made me move. He wrapped a warm, soft blanket around my shoulders and picked me up. To him I was a feather. Still, I was motionless.

Once I got home, I had a breakdown. The room spun, my vision blurred like I was drowning, I screamed as if I was being murdered, and I sat down so fast I could’ve put a hole in the floor. No one could help me. All I had to do was cry and let everything out. It seemed as if the world had just ended and we were all going to the firey pit of hell.

Once I stopped whailing, Jessie called me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as an assignment for Creative Writing. It was one of my best pieces. I hope it does get published since i want to write stories anyway.

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