taking over hell

June 7, 2011
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Today is a big day for me. I'm turning fifteen and I'm taking over hell.
You see, my father is the devil and according to tradition when the son of the devil turns fifteen, he takes his fathers position.
There is one problem, I'm actually a nice devil. I want to live in heaven and be happy, but of course I cant let my father down. I would never do that.
Its my fifteenth birthday, so I have the rights to go to Earth for one day, but only for this day of my entire life. As I'm preparing to leave for Earth and just about to step out of the palace of hell, my father asks to see me, so I go over to the throne. I know exactly what hes going to say. He's going to tell me how to rule hell and how not to be nice. He hates it when I dream of going to heaven. So I wait for him to start talking, just silence in the room, then he says: " I don't want you to go to Earth, you might meet the wrong people wanting you to be nice and do nice things in life, and that's really bad for a devil. I just ignore him and leave. Ive been waiting for this opportunity to see Earth, so i go down the "Earth" pipe and land in some ones back yard.
The time difference was huge between hell and Earth. It was 8:00 am March 2011 on Earth,and in hell it was 1:00 pm April 19 1389. Aside from adjusting my eyes to the brightness, I'm having so much fun with the birds and the children in the playground. I never want to leave Earth. I want to die here and rise to heaven.
Its getting late, So I have to go back to hell and be crowned : "Sam king of the hell" . On my way up to hell, I see Jesus and one of his angels.They are talking about the economical crisis in heaven,but when Jesus sees me on my to my ceremony he stops me and proposes: "Come with me and be happy, come and live with the nice. You will never be lonely or sad, your heart will be filled with joy and love!" Then Jesus disappears. After meeting him I get so happy, I'm his biggest fan! He his my Idol! I think I can do this...rule hell( with a plan )

Time passes and its midnight, time for that crown to go on my head. My father is crying hysterically, he doesn't want to give up his position to a nice person,its to sacred.( according to him! ).
So when the crown is placed on my Devil horns, I quickly take it off and announce who the king of hell is. My father.
I don't want to rule hell, I want t o live my dream like my father wants me to do. And that will have to lead to letting my father down.
So I cross the road and knock on heavens door. Jesus answers and smiles when he sees me and what he gives me in return, which I will never forget, Is a big hug.

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La Bastide said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 4:15 am
an interesting mix of kind, between father figure and spiritual mind, there are good ideas just waiting to hatch, continues to write
sfgg dfg said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 4:01 am



dont really know what to say but

it needs some work

i can see its your first time writing

but if you keep on writing

it will be awsome

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