June 6, 2011
By Caroline Schorsch BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Caroline Schorsch BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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Scene Rewrite: pg 104-111 Daisy mind
As I walked into Gatsby party at twilight, my whole body shook. The nervousness came over me, I could not even talk without my voice cracking making me sound completely UN ladies like. I cannot believe I am going to this party with the person I thought I loved, Tom, and it is a party hosted by my young love Gatsby. I do not know anyone here. Who will I talk to? What will I do? All these people belong to new money and live in West Egg. I am not like them! I am so glad Nick is here to help me. I wonder why he is doing all this for me and Gatsby… Never -the-less I am glad. Oh Tom, how he talks to people is just so irritating. I wish I could tell him that.

Oh my, there is celebrity here! This is way better then the rich old hags I am used too. Oh look at that man and women. She is so elegant. The way they look at each other is wonderful. I wish Tom and I could be like that.

Gatsby just asked me to dance, I feel like seventeen again. Oh no, what if Tom sees. What can I tell Nick that won’t make me seem oblivious that I want him to be my watch man. “Nick makes sure there is no fire, flood, or act of god.” Alright now I can enjoy myself and be completely calm. I love the way Gatsby holds me. I can tell he loves me and admires me. Tom never holds me like this. I wish I can just dance with him all night. Gatsby is a lovely fellow but I could never leave Tom. Or could I? No what would people think? But Gatsby the way he makes me feel, I have not felt this way since my youth.

It is time for dinner, where shall I sit? Oh of course, Tom will leave me to sit with a common whore like her. He thinks I do not know what he is doing but I do. I know about Myrtle. It annoys me to think that he so obviously has relationships with other women. But I cannot do anything; I have to be a loyal wife. Am I being a loyal wife if I did dance with Gatsby?
I cannot even listen to these people at the party. Golf? I do not want to talk about playing golf now. Why would I want to play golf with a lady who sticks her head in pool and goes out in public completely drunk? Hey maybe she is on to something, maybe I can loosen up and have a drink. I cannot get out of my head all this pretty music.It is lovely. Like that actress over there. I cannot get over her she just seems so comfortable and secure with herself. I wish I could be like that.
You know I might like this West Egg but it is too modern for me. These people are so interesting though. It is almost like I am in a zoo or circus, I like to watch but not be in it.
Here Tom goes again complaining. Blah Blah Blah. I am better than everyone else. Blah Blah Blah. Now he is making up that Gatsby is a bootlegger. He knows nothing. Tom thinks so highly of himself but he should not. He is just pretentions. How I hate how Tom acts.
I wish I could go back to five years ago with Gatsby. We would have the most marvelous talks. I just felt so free with him. Tom has changed me and I cannot tell if I like it or not.

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