A Cow's Story

June 6, 2011
By Nib62new BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Nib62new BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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One minute I was in the field with other cows. In the open grassy field of Wisconsin. It was a perfect spring day, blue skies with only a few clouds. It was a perfect sunny day, nothing could go wrong.

Chapter 1: Skunk Ahoy
I was sitting next to my mom and dad. I heard the door open from the little farm. There was standing Albert, the best farmer in the entire world. He would feed us everything we wanted. It was like he was our servant and we were the king and queen of the castle. He came out with a bucket and some rubber gloves. He started milking me. It feels so good when Albert treats me like the King! After he was done milking me, I trotted over to the end of the fence line and just stood there. (Like I always do) I looked at the gravel road where no cars would drive by; I looked at the open field. Thinking about what a happy life I have. When I turned around, there were now cows behind me. It was just me and the grassy field. I looked over at the barn all curious and saw all of the other cows looked at me. I didn’t know why they were in the barn. But then about a minute later, I realized why. There was a skunk right in front of me! I couldn’t believe what was happening!!! When I saw the skunk I darted for the barn. The skunk came in front of me, and farted out this icky, stinky green stuff! Man that is disgusting! I think I am going to be sick! I was so furious with this skunk; I kicked the skunk as hard as I possibly could. He rolled over onto his stomach, and it looked like the skunk was dead. I dug a hole in the ground as deep as I could. Then I pushed him into it… I stomped on him, and punched him as hard as I could. Then I covered him with the dirt. I felt so proud of myself; I defeated a skunk, right after he sprayed this icky green stuff in my face! All of the other cows came out in amazement. They were probably thinking the same thing that I was thinking.

Chapter 2: Skunk army
It was late night outside. The crickets were “cricketing”. All of the cows were asleep on the grass, and inside the barn. The stars were out with the moon in the deep, dark blue sky. I was in my usual place where I sleep for the night. Since I am a very light sleeper, I woke up quickly when I heard a noise coming from the weeded area; beyond the fence. I popped my head right up when I heard the sound. I tried to be as quiet as a mouse. I was walking past the field perfectly quiet, but then I fell in big, deep hole. How did this big huge hole get here?!? I was struggling to get out of the deep hole, but I just couldn’t. my dad was the first to find me in the hole. He came over by me and tried to dig the hole bigger so I could get out. When he dug it big enough I crawled out. I tried to tell him that I heard a noise coming from the bushes.

When I walked over to the bushes, my steps were too loud, and then every other cow woke up. They all came over by me because they knew something was wrong. We all stood there, looking at the bushes with a curious expression on all of our faces. They looked at one and another and we didn’t know what was wrong. On the end of the bush, there was a tail. A furry little back and white tail. Where have I smelled that “stench” before? We looked at the fluffy tail and all of the cows started to moo! The animal that was hiding in the bush was the skunk! That’s why the big hole was there! The skunk must have gotten out himself! I didn’t kill him! Right after that, I felt ashamed of myself. But there wasn’t just one skunk, there were two! It looked like a boy and a girl. They were right next to each other. Wait, there weren’t just two; there were five BABY SKUNKS right behind them! Man this is going to be bad…
The skunks ran into our field and starting stinking up the place. When this started to happen, I saw a light turn on in Albert’s room. The seven skunks were running around our field! And the cows were being chased from the seven skunks. All of the cows were running and mooing at the same time. Albert came running out in his pajamas with a big hose. He took the hose and turned it on. Water went splashing EVERYWHERE! The cows and the seven skunks were all wet. The seven skunks ran away over to the other side of the gravel road. There were puddles almost everywhere we walked. There was mud everywhere too. Albert stood there for a few moments, then threw the hose on the ground, and walked back inside. A few minutes later, we saw his bedroom light turn off.

When you are driving on the road, and see cows in a field. You probably think there life is so easy. Well, you better think again! It may look like there life is so easy, but it really isnt at least in this cows world!

The author's comments:
I dont knwo why i wrote this peice. it actully had a totally different topic on the first draft. But then it got to condusin, so i changed it up a bit!

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