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June 3, 2011
By alyyarbrough SILVER, Llano, Texas
alyyarbrough SILVER, Llano, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
the seneity prayer...
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

My name is Elizabeth. I’m eighteen years old and I’m almost out of school. I once lived a normal life. Until the day November 12,2011 came along. For that matter, most of the life, I’d known for so long was typically normal. I live with my boyfriend, Michael.
I woke up extremely early that morning at about 5:40 A.M. I woke Michael up to get ready for work while I anticipated getting ready for school. 6:25 rolled around as we both sat down at the kitchen bar to eat breakfast. Just like every morning, two bowls of strawberry wheat cereal sat on the bar with the jug of milk right between them. Always right before we sat down, the coffee pot buzzed to let us know it was done. We both jumped up, insisting to make the other one their cup of coffee. I sat back down knowing he would win the playful argument we had every morning. Michael had to leave earlier than I did because his job was 45 miles away. The school I attended was only ten miles and took me less than fifteen minutes to get there.
We both walked out the door, hand in hand, until we had to part getting in our cars. As I walked out of the garage door, my car was to the right, the closest to the back door and his was the farthest away. We blew kisses to each other as he pulled his car out first and was gone in the blink of an eye. I slowly pull out of the garage and sit in the driveway in front of the house only a few seconds, long enough to reach in my purse and grab my phone. I texted Michael quickly to say,
“I love you, and I hope you have a good day.” Minutes later I receive a reply,
“You, too, Hunny.”
This day was very huge for me; a life changing experience was about to happen. My best friend, Lynette, was the only one who knew about my secret. I had a doctor’s appointment at 11 o’ clock, and she was going with me. I wanted a child more than anything; Michael did too. I had been pregnant twice before, but my body couldn’t handle it: I had two stillbirths. This time was different; I just knew it! That’s why I didn’t tell Michael. I knew if I told him and something went wrong again, it would absolutely crush his soul.

I attended my first three classes of the morning, then I checked myself out of school. I walked to my car in the back parking lot of the school parking spot 72. I unlocked my car and sat in the seat. I somberly picked up my phone and dialed Lynette’s number. It rang once, then twice, then her squeaky voice answered the phone, “Hey, girl, what’s up?”
“I’m almost ready I’m almost ready,” she replied frantically; I giggled because she is always running late.
“I’ll be there in five you better be ready and standing outsidede when I pull up.”
Giggling she says, “mmhmm alright,” because she knows I won’t leave without her. Sometimes she’s the only thing that keeps me going and I couldn’t and wouldn’t go to this doctor’s appointment without her.
I pull up outsidede her house. I take one good glance at the door, and I see the screen door fly open as she runs out with her phone, keys, and camera in one hand, her ragged out but stylish purse. I can just tell by the look on her face that she is more excited than I am. She jumps in the car throwing her purse and junk in the backseat. She looks at me with a tremendous grin on her face, “You ready for this,girly!” I nod my head to let her know I am, but truthfully I’m not. I’m so worried that something is going to go wrong again. However, I would never let her sense my fear.
About fifteen minutes later we pull into the parking lot of the Neighborhood Parenting Assistance Clinic. We both reach in the back seat and grab our purses. At that moment I become very nervous. Steeping out of the car, I toss Lynette the keys so she can lock the car, and we head off to the front door of the clinic. Once inside I sign myself in and patiently sit down in the waiting room. “Nobody is hardly here today I guess that’s a good sign, huh?” Lynnette says in a whispering voice.
“I guess so,” I mumble as I sit impatiently thinking of only the worst because that’s what I’m good at, or at least that’s what everyone else says I’m good at.
“Elizabeth, we will see you now,” the nurse says very formally. About that time my phone starts ringing. Instantly, I hand it to Lynnette.
“See who it is and tell em I’m busy,” I say as I’m walking away. Realizing she isn’t following me, I run back and grab her hand.
“Come on. I’m not going back there without you,” I say in a gently voice as I tug her along.
“It’s Michael, he’s calling; stop and talk to him,” she says frantically.
“Wait, I can’t. What am I supposed to say to him? I can’t tell him I’m here,” I begin to say, but she had already answered the phone. I lean in to her as we’re walking behind the nurse, listening in on what Michael is saying.
“Where’s Elizabeth?” I hear him say in a demanding tone. I roll my eyes as she quickly replies, “Right here; no I mean over there in the bathroom. I’ll umm have her call you back when she gets out. Okay? Toodaloo!” she slams the phone shut, “And that’s how you handle that!” she says making me giggle and smile. The nurse begins leading us to the room; I grab Lynnette’s hand as we reach our destination to the nursery section of the clinic.
“Lie down on this tablee and make yourself comfortablee, and I will be right back,” the nurse says, then walks out of the room shutting the door right behind her.
Minutes goby as we sit there waiting patiently for the nurse to return. “Well, I’m bored and I can’t stand how quiet it is so I’m turning the T.V on,” Lynnette says, as she is already up and has her finger on the power button of the older style Sony television. Right before she pushes the power button on the T.V, we suddenly hear a huge sound, I gasp and say,
“What in the world was that?” the nurse walks through the door pushing in front of her the huge machine that looks very scary, but would once again reveal my future and hopefully forecast my happiness.
“Sorry, I hit the side of the door with the sonogram machine,” the nurse reassures me. The nurse lifts up my shirt just enough to reveal my poochy tummy, which will hopefully swell even more in the next few months. She applies the lukewarm gel and then gently pushes a hand held monitor against my tummy. All of a sudden everything starts to shake.
“What’s going on?” Lynnette screams as she leaps and jumps on the bed with me. Hesitantly I say,
“I don’t know?” We grab hold of each other because the whole clinic is tilting now as we are thrown off the roll away bed. Suddenly, everything stops moving and we regain our strengths. Shocked we crawl to the window, unable to believe what just happened. The whole city had just been rattled by an earthquake. Our eyes scanned the landscape of caved in buildings and trampled cars.
I look around for the nurse and finally spot her in the corner. The roof had collapsed and the heavy machine she was using on me just seconds ago has her pinned against the floor. “Oh my god, what do we do? Do we try to move it off her?” I say loudly. The nurse looks at us for help, but we don’t know what to do. Blood starts to surround her body. Looking into her eyes, I hear her murmur, “This time it’s for real. You’re going to have a baby!”
“Where’s my phone; I need it now!” I begin to shout and scream. Frantically Lynnette, searches my purse.
“I can’t find it anywhere,” she says with a sigh. I stare out the window at the devastation that seems to be everywhere.
“He’s never going to find out now. Our future lies inside me, it finally happened,” I say as I wipe my tears away. Lynnette runs outsidede the door and screams from a distance,
“There’s a phone out here, Elizabeth; come quick,” I scurry to my feet. Stumbling towards the door, I see Lynnette down the hallway holding a phone that once sat on the counter for patient accessibility. I snatch the phone out of her hand, having a small amount of hope that the person I call would answer the phone. I place the phone against my ear and fortunately hear a dial tone. Lynnette stands there waiting impatiently to know if we could maybe be saved. I give her thumbs up to assure her that we may have hope of surviving. I dial the number of Michael’s phone, and it rings once and nothing again. I dial the number again and get the same response. Tears begin to run down my face, as Lynnette puts her hands on the side of my face and pulls it towards her own worried -filled face.
“Everything will be OK: I promise,” Lynette tries to reassure me.
“Nothing matters anymore; the one thing I wanted is never going to come true now.”I say as my hope begins to fade away.

By this time were both sitting on the ground, and Lynnette had her arms around me. We both jump with fright as the phone that we once tried to use rang very loud. We instantly look at each other, and our eyes lock. I reach for the phone and answer it calmly.
“Yes, Michael? It’s me? What’s going on? Are you OK?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Are you OK?” he asks me hesitantly. “Where are you?”
“I’m at the clinic that’s right down the road from Lynnette’s house. You know which one I’m talking about right?” I ask him hoping he is near by.
“Yes, the Neighborhood Parenting Clinic, but why are you there? Is everything OK with you?” he ask with a worried voice.
“Yeah, everything is OK I just came for a checkup,” I said then instantly interrupted him, “I have to tell you something, but please don’t be mad at me.”
“What is it Elizabeth, tell me now,” he exclaims in a deeper tone.
“See you’re already mad at me; it’s nothing. OK? It’s nothing!” I screamed and almost hung up the phone, but realizing that would be a mistake.
Nothing was said for about a minute, then he instantly said,
“I’m sorry ,Hunny, I’m just really scared.”
“And you don’t think I am!” I replied trying not to let him hear me crying. By this time Lynnette was sitting against the wall that barely stands . I blurt out all of a sudden, but in a whispering voice.
“I’m having your baby, Michael,” I hear nothing on the other end of the phone. Then all the sudden, I hear a big crash, and the phone shuts off completely.
I think to myself he hung up on me, so I try to redial the phone again. Nothing happens. My mind begins to wonder, but then as I look out the nearest window and begin to realize our world is coming to an end.

The author's comments:
for a class assignment we had write a fictiona story.. i guess this is where my loss of love comes out in me.

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