The Ugly Pig

June 8, 2011
By xFlawlessJenx BRONZE, New York, New York
xFlawlessJenx BRONZE, New York, New York
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Once upon time, there lived an ugly pig in a small farm town. Everyone hated him because of his appearance, but he was one of the nicest animals in the town. Even so, all the animals were just disgusted by his looks.
One day, at school Little Rabbit announced that she was going to have a birthday party. She invited everyone except Piggy. She said that Piggy wasn’t fabulous enough to go. Piggy, who was deeply offended and hurt, ran home crying to his Mama.
Mama Piggy asked: “What happened?”
Pig said: “Well, because I have such a big nose and such an ugly face, Little Rabbit won’t invite me to her birthday party! She’s invited everyone else! It’s not fair.”
“Aw, honey. It’s okay. We’ll have our own little party, right here! What’s to worry? Stop crying dear. You know Mama will always be your friend,” Mama responded with big, blue sympathetic eyes.

Piggy replied: “No Mama, you don’t understand, I want to go. Everyone else gets to go. Why is it that everyone hates me so much? What did I ever do to them?”

“Oh, come here Piggy. I’m sorry you have to face this everyday but you have to remember what Mama taught you: always stay strong and brave no matter what. You need to know that how you look outside is never as important as how you look on the inside,” Mama Pig says as she opens her arms.
Little Piggy was saddened by the fact that he had to deal with this. But nevertheless he took his Mama's word for it.

"Thanks, Mama.”

"No problem, you know Mama will always be there for you," Mama Pig smiled and patted Piggy on the head, “stay strong, little one.”

Feeling a lot better, Piggy decided to go outside for a while. Piggy always loved gazing up at the blue sky and pretending the clouds were animals. As he walked, he came across the park and so he decided to lie down on the soft green grass.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll make a wish,” Piggy thought
“I wish, I wish, someday everyone would like me.”


After a few days of disappointment, Piggy had no choice but to avoid everyone as best as he could. But soon the birthday party came. On that night, everyone was excited and was waiting at the entrance. But nobody ever thought that the party will turn out to be a disaster.

“Eww, what are you wearing?” Rabbit questioned the Squirrel, pointing a dainty finger.
“A…. a dress...” Squirrel replied looking down at her short pink button up dress.
“Well, it’s not fabulous enough. Sorry, but you can’t come in,” Rabbit said with a disgusted look.
“Hey but that’s not fair! She’s my friend,” the Cat defended.

“Well, on that note, I guess you are not allowed in the party as well,” Rabbit announced to the whole crowd.

Soon everyone began to realize how mean the Rabbit have been to them. Many argue back that it wasn’t fair how Squirrel was kicked out of the party. And so when Piggy was walking by, he notice that there was a fight going on. He quickly walked up toward the crowd and spoke:

“Hey, what is going on?”

“It’s none of your business, you ugly pig!” Rabbit screamed, glancing at Piggy.

“Well, Rabbit said that squirrel wasn’t fabulous enough to come to her birthday party because of what she was wearing,” a voice from the crowd answered.

The piggy froze, feeling as hurt as ever. But he then remembered what Mama had said: You need to know that how you look outside is never as important as how you look on the inside. He thought about what he could do to help solve the problem.

“Um… Mama said that I could have a party too and I’ll let anyone come if they want to. It starts…now,” Piggy suggested looking at his brand new watch.

Everyone froze, trying to register what Piggy had just announced. Then they all realized that Rabbit had been mean to each and every one of them but Piggy had always been nice, even when everyone taunted and teased him. And so after one person decides they would go to Piggy's party, others follow

“I’ll go,” the squirrel responded.

“Yeah me too,” another hollered.

“We don’t need this stupid party of yours, Rabbit!”

Soon the whole crowed of people left the front entrance of Rabbit’s house and followed Piggy to his party. They all had a fun time because nobody was there to judge how they looked. After that day, everyone started being nice to Piggy. They all came to realize that looks are never as important as who you really are inside.

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