Beach Time Nightmare

June 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I heard the waves crashing, as I dragged my feet across the hot sand. The screaming laughter of my drunken friends, echoed through my ears. When I walked closer to the hot fire the cracking of the wood, gave me the chills through my spine. I jumped onto the cold blanket, next to my boyfriend. We were laughing at how ridiculous everyone looked. I got up and began running through the sand, not realizing I kicked all of it on me. The water felt so cold, as I dove in.

I screamed, “Kevin!” Then all of a sudden I felt something pull me down. I began to squirm and cry, then I heard laughter.

“It’s just me, babe.” Kevin laughed with a smirk on his face.

“That wasn’t funny, I thought I was going to die!” I screamed, and turned around and slapped his cold, wet skin.

Kevin just laughed and ran out of the water, splashing the cold water onto my face. My make up ran down my face and I looked like a ghost. I got up and the cold, gusting wind, almost pushed me back down. All of a sudden strange people began running and screaming toward us. They were tall and skinny, with big, steel rods in their hands.

I didn't know what was going to happen, but I had a strong knot in my stomach that something bad was going to happen. All of the guys began picking up anything they could find. John, Kevin's friend, picked up a beer bottle and smashed it to make it sharp. I didn't want to see what was going to happen next, so I closed my eyes tightly and next thing I know I felt something on top of me and I was on the floor.

The heavy weight on my body began to suffocate me. When I opened my eyes this girl was sitting on top of me. She tried hitting me but I picked up the cold heavy radio and smashed her in the head with it. Her body fell to the ground, and I got up and I just stood there in shock. There was fighting, and punches being thrown everywhere. All of a sudden a bottle was throw at me, I dove so fast into the sand that I cut open my leg. Blood was gushing out of it and sand began to creep inside the wound. The burning throughout my leg, left so much pain that I couldn’t stand up. I tried to force myself up and began limping through the thick sand, in to the water.

The pain was unbearable and all I wanted to do was cry. The fighting finally, stopped when all those strange, crazy people were unconscious. We all gathered our belongings and trekked through the sand and up the hills. MY leg was still bleeding and it left a bloody trail behind us. When we all packed our things into the cars, we heard a loud, short noise go off; it sounded like a gun.

“I thought this nightmare was over,” I cried, and began walking backwards behind the cars.

We all didn’t know how this was going to end. But, most of all none of us wanted to stay to witness it.

“All the girls get into the cars,” Mark yelled, as he picked up a metal rod in the car.

I dove into the car, smashing my head on the hard, ceiling of the car. My friend, Maria helped me up and we hid under the seats. The guys decided to jump into the cars and speed away. We were all so happy, we got out of that haunting nightmare.

We made it home safe, and we all went to bed hoping, we never have to go through such horror again.

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