Watching The World Go By

June 6, 2011
By LukeAlbertson BRONZE, Roy, Utah
LukeAlbertson BRONZE, Roy, Utah
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"That which is easy is seldom excellent; That which is excellent is seldom easy."
~~Mr. Jones

As I step through the boundaries of the world, I find a place of peace and happiness. Few have ever made it here, and those who have decided to go back for their families. Some succeeded and brought them here too. Others came back alone. Most never left again. I turn and look back through the dirty film the World never notices. In the World it has no name, but here it is simply called "Reality". I sit on the grass, or a bench, or a log; it's true form is always unknown because it is what you make it. For me it is grass, green and soft. As I sit, I watch the World through the dirty film. I see thousands of people walking by. They never see me, or this place of Reality. They walk by, slowly drowning in the World.

Oh, if only they knew! If only their vision wasn't clouded, full of the influences of that wicked World. The longing turns unbearable when my friends walk by, each shackled with their own piece of the World. I can no longer remain silent! I jump up and scream at them, I reach out for them; but for them it is only an illusion. It is something strange, frightening, and uncomfortable. The World turns their head back towards itself, and it whispers to them; gives them false comforts and false truths. I scream at the World, shout curses at it. It reaches out through the film with deceitful hands, as if to strangle me. But try as it might, the World cannot survive in Reality. It pulls back, burnt and shriveled, and I become overconfident and slip. My foot slips through the film, and the World drags me back through.

Just before it lashes out its terrible revenge, Reality shifts and swallows us both. I stand up and watch the World scream in agony, as it perishes in Reality. Guilt, Sorrow, and Mercy come over me as its anguished cries assault my ears. I pick up the World, almost in death's grasp, and toss it back through the film. It immediately springs to its feet, healing and thanking me for my Kindness. It promises me money, women, or anything I want as a gift for saving the World. I see through the Worlds crafty lies, and request only three things: That I be permitted to tell the people of the World about Reality, that the balances be equal, and that the people may choose where to go. The World quickly agrees, and instantly it is so.

Of course the people didn't like it at first. They even tried to destroy the balance, and the people of Reality too. They drove us out of the heart of the world, across the plains, and into the desert. Even there we were not safe. By and by the people of the World have gotten used to us, but that same dirty film still hangs between us and it grows dirtier and thicker every day. The World finally has a name for us: "Mormons". I still call it Reality, but most of us refer to this wonderful place as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" of "LDS" for short.

You, the reader, are still free to chose which path to take, and so is everyone else. But as I sit and watch the World through the dirty film, I see thousands of people walking by. They never see me, or this place of Reality. They walk by, slowly drowning in the World, and I can no longer remain silent. I invite you to stop and talk, to experience this wonderful place and develop your own thoughts of Reality. Don't take the World's word for it. Please, sit with me and watch the World go by.

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