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May 26, 2011
By dmcgee BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
dmcgee BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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My family has had many memorable moments in our history. We’ve had fun times, sad times, times to be joyful, and times where we were not so happy with each other. It was a great summer and we were all prepared for a wonderful trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see my aunt for the summer. It was me, and all of my cousins from my mother’s side of the family, which is a lot of people. The trip was highly anticipated by everyone in my family and people couldn’t wait to go on it. This should be and sounds like the perfect trip right? It sounded like a great trip to me too.

Dealing with my family there is always something that isn’t right. It is either someone isn’t getting along of a major disagreement that is happening. I know for sure that there will be some type of drama happening on the trip, but I don’t speak about it, no one does. Being that our family is so big, there is bound to be disagreements throughout the family and things we don’t agree on. But it’s not just disagreements that get too us it dates back in history. Our family has a very deep history, a history of bring it up much because I am not one that likes to start drama or anything that would possible happen to anyone. I just sit back and relax and everything goes well, most of the time.

My oldest cousin, Brandon is just like me. His is tall and very quiet and has dreads that are very long and reaches down to his shoulder. He really doesn’t like drama and tries to stay out of a lot of situations but sometimes he can’t avoid them. The only thing I ever remember him getting into is when my cousins daughter broke his game and lied and said he hit her. That really made him unusually angry, something we have never seen from him before. He has three younger brothers, Sharon, 15, Jonathan 13, and Moses 17. They are all around the same age, but the three youngest have totally different personalities then Brandon. They are wilder and not so laid back. Then we have my other 3 cousins, Tahj, Gary, and Joe. They are also brothers, all very sleek with goofy personalities. Sometimes there personalities can get them in a lot of trouble because of the jokes they make. Over the years, Brandon and his brothers didn’t get along well with Gary and his brothers. This always caused problems at family functions. This was one thing that I knew for sure would be a minor problem on the trip. What I thought to be a minor problem would later turn out to be major.

The day we left for Atlanta was a great day and we all had a great time on the road as usual, making jokes and singing tunes. We had all 7 of us in the car which was somewhat unusual, but we were family so it shouldn’t be. As we traveled to our Destination, Gary would make jokes that would somewhat make Brandon and his brothers uncomfortable or offended, but being so early in the trip, he brushed it off. Moses and Jonathan would make slick comments back, and I knew it was going to be a rough time at the hotel. I figured we could pull it together though. After a long 8 hour trip to our destination we finally arrived at the hotel we would be staying in. It was a nice hotel not too expensive, but you could tell that my parents paid a good amount of money for it. “Man this is real nice”, Brandon said as he entered the lobby of the hotel. “Wait until we see how the rooms look, then we’re going to know if its really nice, it might be a piece of crap!” Gary said ignorantly. I thought it was nice. As the front lobby gave us our room key we made way to our rooms, then I realized, we only had one key. One key meant one room. A sense of bubbling entered my stomach because I know that we can’t handle being together without fighting, and when I say fighting I mean physically.

All of us in awe and shock we enter the room in disappointment and anxiousness, wondering what will happen next. When everything was settled in, we all were just doing what we normally do, chilling, watching T.V., but it seemed there were two groups. One group was Brandon and his brothers, and one with Gary and his brothers. I was stuck in the middle trying to figure out what to do.

This went on for a couple of days, a few arguments here and there. It was like it wasn’t even a vacation. The third day was the day we were all going to my aunt’s house. A loud ecstatic person(intro APP.), my aunt knew of the problems my cousins had over the years and I know she wasn’t going to have it. This made me a little happy knowing that she was going to get my cousins straight because they listened to her, they had no choice. Brandon drove us to her house to meet up with the rest of my family. Everyone was there and I felt like it was a time of unity. We were eating, laughing doing a lot of fun things as a family should do. Gary, then made a major low comment about Brandon because of an argument they had earlier. Brandon stopped, staring with a furious look in his eyes hoping that Gary understood what his look meant.(Part. Phrase) Everyone in the house knew this would spark something between all of the brothers, and so did I. Brandon took a huge swing at Gary and knocked him off the seat he was standing in. Jonathan then charged toward Brandon trying to hold him back. Joe misunderstood Jonathan’s intentions and tackled him to the ground and started to wrestle him. Tahj and Moses randomly erupted in a fight in the middle of the kitchen where food was getting knocked over and my little cousins where squealing in fright of getting hit. After the minute of chaos, I and my uncles broke the fight up. The whole family looked at all of us in fury and anger for ruining the get together. My aunt, angry and disappointed (adj out of place) walked into her room and burst into tears because of the awful event that took place. Even my cousins had a regretful look in their eyes because of there in the jungle-animal like behavior. (single thought adj.)

My cousins were forced to go into my aunts room and apologize and it was very hard to get them to do so. To get my cousins to make up and enjoy the family function would be even harder. We discussed that they had a lot to get off of there chest and thank God they finally did. Shaking hands and giving hugs we all were appreciative that they were mature enough to get back cool and set aside their differences. After all we are family and family should stick together at all times.

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