Letter To My Best Friend

May 31, 2011
Some people think that the best part of life is friendship; others believe its love. But the smartest people know that there’s no difference between the two.

Up until recently, I was a firm immovable member of the second group, a hopeless romantic. But you proved me wrong, changed my mind and changed my life. You threw me completely and totally into the third group, the people that know without a doubt that love and friendship not only go hand in hand; they are the same thing.

You know the story of the day I fell for you as well as I do by now. But the truth is, purple tights and a pretty smile only get you so far. The real secret: it was your eyes. Beautiful, full of light, but surrounded by a sadness rare in someone as young as you were. They seemed wise, but carefree. Cautious and mature, but still alive and with a sparkle that made it seem like you were laughing at a joke only you could hear. It was your eyes, and it still is. They make me feel the same way no matter how many times I look in them: like my heart is full of stars.

I fall for you every day. Your scars make you beautiful, your imperfections make you perfect. Believe me when I say: you are the best part of my life, the most vibrant. I could never lose you; the idea is incomprehendable.

You are my sister, my best friend, my love. You are the girl who holds my heart and always will. You are the comfort I find when there’s none to be found. You are the love I felt when I though my heart was empty.

I write like an old man and cuss like a sailor; you bike like a maniac and sing like an angel. I once told you that you consume. It’s still true. Every day I am overwhelmed by your energy, and of course, those eyes. You have a beautiful face, a radiant soul and a brilliant mind.

You’re the girl with your hair down and my ring on your finger, dancing so fast that you’re a blur.

I’m the girl with no shoes, a notebook as full as my heart and my hands up in surrender, making you a deal:

“I’ll stay if you do.”

P.S. This is a love letter in every respect of the word

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