Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

June 5, 2011
By Peter Hanaman BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Peter Hanaman BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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One day while strolling around the neighborhood I, Cooper, found a small bird, a crow, not much older than a few days I reckon. He was a bit smelly (for all birds are,) and looked a bit “banged up.” My first instinct was pick him up off the ground and chuck him around a bit (for I am a very playful puppy,) but then I thought, “Maybe I should help him… he is alone and a youngster at that… I know! I’ll talk to him, see if he wants any help!” While I was pondering, I heard a small whine, or the bird word for it. So it was! It was alive. As fitting, I had ‘bout a thousand questions, how did you get here… what happened… do you need help… but first I chose, "What is your name, small bird?"
“M-m-my n-name is O-O-On…”
“On? On what?”
“ As in the black stone?
“Oh… do you need or want help?”
“Y-yes… I w-would.”

I scooped the small bird up into my jaws, so at first he squirmed around a lot but finally calmed down. When we got home my mom completely freaked out, and attempted to pry Onyx out of my jaws, but I held on tight, because I wanted to help him out. I took him to my bed and gave him some rags to lie in while I got a shoebox for him to stay in.

When Onyx was finally able to fend for himself again I said goodbye to him and let him go. It was hard because he had been like a son to me. I told him to come back and visit soon, but when he did he seemed different… I don’t know why but he seemed like visiting me was a chore. He became meaner, and meaner every time, which made me mad, so I asked why he was so angry all the time. Onyx told me that I had treated him badly while he was a child! That just made me mad, so I decided he didn’t have any business in my house if that was why he was mad at me… but I wanted to be nice so I told him that he would be just fine without me and that I hoped that he would have a nice life. I was thinking about my decision and thought “at least I’m being fair… treat other people the way you want to be treated. I felt good because I did the right thing even when it was the hardest and though Onyx didn’t reward my kindness, I knew I had done the right thing.

Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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