May 14, 2011
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I walk around the town late at night sometimes. People think I'm not a person. Me, an alien. No lies. I am the weirdest person on earth. And I just like to go into another world sometimes. No gets me. No one. Everyone claims I hate them, i actually have no problems with people who don't have a problem with me. Thats only one person. This guy named, perhaps Alex? I don't really know anymore. I just wanna drop out. Besides he doesn't talk to me. He was one of the coolest guys in the school, he got all the girls and he got so many opportunities for colleges and school all around the world, but he never takes the offers.
Anyway, I walked around town last night, and saw the Alex guy. He was with a bunch of friends, they looked drunk and high. It was only about 4:00 PM. Thats the earliest I've ever walked to the library, well they were old and I finished reading them. I pulled my sleeves up to reveal my new pale wrist tattooed with my dark blue veins.
His friends yelled at some hookers across the street and she ran away. Wonder what they said to make her angry. I kept on walking to the library and i sped up to get away from them as fast as I can.
I got to the library and grabbed some interesting looking books and hurried to try to get out of there. Then one caught my eye for real this time. I picked it up and it had a black cover, and red vampire signs all over it. It had white, jagged letters read, "Alien". I read the back, but there were no words. I thought it was creepy, but in a way, relating.
I dropped a book behind me and I turned around to get it, but there was a person in a hat, they looked too familiar. It was Alex picking up the book for me! 'He is nice'! I thought.
"Here you dropped this."
"Thanks Alex."
"Hay your that kid the pick on at school."
"Don't remind me."
"Sorry. But they're just jealous freaking people. Ignore them if you can. I never caught your name, what was it again?"
"It's Lienx. Lie, for short."
"Nice. I love that name, sound Egyptian."
"Thanks. Yours is better than some freaky name i cant hardly pronounce."
"Aw, I love the way you said it. Sounded cool."
"Yeah. Um, Thanks for helping me with the book, Alex."
"Yes. Your welcome, hey! The alien book! Thats a great one." Alex grabbed the book.
"There's no back," I said quietly.
"No, it glows in the dark."
"OH! Sweet!"
Alex put something in the book but I didn't bother to ask. His friends said something to him and I just turned.
"Here's your book. Read it. It's really great."
"Thanks I will. I guess bye Alex."
"Bye Lie!"

And that is the last I talked to him before he was kidnapped.

At school a couple weeks ago after that library incident, He hadn't been at school. All of the girls were crying in the middle of class and all the drama drove me nuts. Also, a girl who NEVER talks to me next to my locker. Then monday, she say a simple 'hi' to me. "Hi, Lie!", a girl said when I walked past her in the hallway.
"Yo Lie. There's a party at my place over winter break, you interested?"
"Yea, w-h-y not?"
"Great. See you wednesday night." He walked away. I had never been to a party, besides a funeral. So, no ideas of what to wear. And I more important things to think about than next week. Alex had missing for a week now. Everyone saw the news cast of his parents balling for their life and telling the reporter about their son and how they wanted him home. Some of the locals thought he ran away, more thought he was kidnapped. Several lame and untrue stories have been told around school and to the police. Thats before they knocked on my door about eight thirty saturday night.
"So we've been told that you saw him before he disappeared?"
"Well it was a couple weeks ago when I last talked to him."
"Was he acting strange or misunderstood to you?"
"No he was acting nicer than usual to me that day."
"What happened that day, exactly?"
"I was at the library and I dropped a book and he picked it up for me and told me about the book and how good it was and asked me for my name and his friends called him and he left."
"His friends?"
"Yes, I never saw his face though, his friends face."
"Well Mr. Evens, Thanks for your time. We appreciate it."
"Your welcome officer." I shut the door after them. What a weird night. As always my older brother had gotten more attention so my parents never cared. So I walked into my room and opened the door to my mother crying on my pillow.
"Mother. What's wrong?"
"He's gone."
"The whole family!”
I didn’t understand what my mother could’ve said. Just to make sure she wasn’t talking about our family, I checked every room. No one. But they were just here, where could’ve they been?
My mom knee the cops were here and they were still outside my door writing down the clues I gave them. Mother grabbed them before they walked to their car. She told them what she saw, but of course never told me.
I worried about too many things.

The author's comments:
I saw a movie about something like this and made a spin-off about it. It kind of goes with my life, but as you know I would be lie.

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