January 20, 2008
By Courteney McLane Rheinland-Pfalz

One day in winter I was outside sitting on a ledge near the house. It was near Christmas but since my dad doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I didn’t care. So I was sitting there when all of a sudden my cell phone start to ring off the hook. Okay all my friends are in Las Angeles I thought who would be calling me? So I picked up the phone just to see who it was calling. It was my sister, Annie she was calling from Las Angeles when dad hadn’t said it was okay for her to go. Annie had said to stall dad until she got home. But when she came home dad was pissed he had sent out a search party for her and he was about to call the police. Annie was mad at me for whatever I did wrong but then it got way worse she blamed me for putting her up to it. The next day was I wore the same thing I wear everyday, a black shirt, jeans and a tie. I also wear dark black eyeliner and dark black eye shadow. I try not to make eye contact with anyone because I can’t deal with their crap, like I broke my nail, ewe that’s gross, or my least favorite hearing people throw up because they think there too fat. Gosh I can’t take it all the crap; gosh it annoys the hell out of me. But the day before we got out for Christmas break I ran into this new kid. He had dark brown hair covering his face, blue eyes; he had a black shirt on, jeans and a tie. Also he had piercing all over him, three in his bottom lip, and one in his eyebrow and two on the top of his ear. When I went down to lunch he was sitting by himself, right next to where I set. So I got my lunch and sat where I usually he asked if it was alright if he sat there I said “Sure just as long as you don’t invite the popular freaks over here.” We agreed but then we started to talk it was great I was actually laughing, I haven’t laughed in two years. I gave him my cell phone number and my house number incase he had any questions. Right in between third period and fourth period I found a note in my locker it read: Meet me in the parking lot after school. Dylan. So after school I called my dad to say I’d be home a little late and my dad flipped out. So I went to the parking lot and that is when I saw him Dylan tied up with rope to a pillar, he had tape around his mouth and the sign above him read COME SEE EMOS IN ACTION GUYS KISSING GUYS. I ran over to help him because his hands were turning red; I took the tape off first, very gently. I took the rope off gently so I wouldn’t cause him anymore pain. After I got him free he came up to me and gave me a hug and said: Thanks. Over the next few months Dylan and I got to know each other more and more about each other. In February it was getting close to the prom and nobody had asked me yet, I was getting pissed off. Dylan the night before the big two weeks off, he text me to meet him by his house in ten minutes. He must be crazy my dad would never let me get out of this hell hole. Then he text me again: LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW. So I look out my window and see him holding up a sign saying COME DOWN. So I do what Dylan says, I came down stairs and the first thing he does is ask me if I’m going to the prom with anybody, when I said no I didn’t have anybody, I saw his face light up. That was the night he asked me if I wanted to go to the prom with him and when I said “yeah, hell yeah” he came close and kissed me. That was the best night of my life. When I woke up I found I had him right next to me and he had his shirt off. As I woke up, he woke up too. He had his chest towards my back and his arms where wrapped around me. I could feel his warmth and his body against mine. He moved the slightest and I turned around to see his face, when I did he whispered in my ear “Where is the bathroom?” I answered him “First door on the right.” He walked out of my room and went into the first door on the left which happened to be my closet. I started to crack up and I got up and went to the closet where he was digging around. I waited there for like five minutes before he even noticed I was there. He pulled out my most embarrassing thing in there, my ultra all over pink, polka dot bra, I got when I turned sixteen from my grandma. I was horrified; he found one of my most hated bras in the whole world. I remember opening the box in the living room with my dad in the room; he was so embarrassed he walked out of the room. By this time Dylan was standing in front of me. I had to ask him if we where really a couple and his answer was a kiss that was long. I know this may sound crazy but I was shocked by the fact that he kissed me. He took a shower in my bathroom; while he was in the shower I took his boxers and hid them. When he came out he had a pink towel around him, “Where are my boxers” he said. I laughed and point to the window. “You didn’t, did you!?” he asked surprised. “No,” I explained, “I put them on the chair.” “Okay” he said. He went over to get his boxers and went straight into the bathroom. When he came out he came he snuggled up to me and kissed me. We fell asleep, me in his lap on the couch and his arms were rapped around me. I felt safe in his arms and with him sleeping next to me. Dylan left the next morning and he left me a note. The note read: I love you with all my heart and I know this is hard to read it was also hard to write. I love you and I think we need to take it to the next level but whenever you’re ready. I just wanted to let you know that in the envelope I have something close to the heart you will never forget. A key to my heart and a key to my house. I love you and I hope you enjoy everything. I will repeatedly say I love you because I gave you my heart on the first day we met and got to know each other. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to give my heart away but if I cast it to far the fish will attack. By fish I mean you.
Love sincerely,

That note almost made me cry but what did make me cry is he actually gave me the keys to his apartment and after reading his letter. I whispered “I love you too. Dylan.” After that note was read I went into the bathroom to take a shower and straiten my hair. I wore a black shirt, blue jeans, black eyeliner and a red tie. After I took a shower, got dressed, I watched television and then ate popcorn on the couch. Then I went upstairs, called my grandma and after that I went to listen to music in my room. Well, I was up stairs and then I kept going over the note over and over and over. Listening to my ipod, I would love to go up to his apartment and snuggle up to him as we watched a movie. Every time I look at something he touched it makes me die a little more inside. I went to the mall the next day to find something to do besides sit at home and be all depressed. The first store I went into was hottopic, I found a killer shirt and I also got a stuffed animal that was a Dead Frog. Next I went to Claire’s and got my lip pierced and got some skull earrings. Then I got the news that for my eighteenth birthday I would be in London and I got to invite one person. I met up with some friends and we went to go eat in the food court. After that I went home and listened to my dad talk about how late I was getting home. It was midnight when I went into bed and tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t go to sleep. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and I realized I had a text from Dylan. It said:
Where are you? I’m waiting by the phone for your phone call. Call me back. Love ya, bye.
I gave it a second to see if I wanted to call him back and then I picked up the phone off my bed. Instead of calling him back I text him back, it said: I can’t I will call you in the morning. Okay, I’ve been thinking about you and us. Can you get online? We can talk on IM. Which ever you want to do. Love, Shadow a.k.a boxer stiller. So I picked up the laptop and logged on to my yahoo account, when I got on I stayed on for about three minutes until he got on.
Shadow: Hi
Dylan: Hi baby what’s up??
Shadow: Nothing much. You?
Dylan: Waiting for you. When will you come over?
Shadow: I can’t.
Dylan: Why can’t you. I mean did you get in trouble or something?
Shadow: Yea I got in trouble and my dad will notice that I’m gone.
Dylan: So……. Can I come over, then?
Shadow: no…….. I don’t think so I mean it’s like 12:55
Dylan: Please, only a few minutes. I promise
Shadow: Why do you want to come over?
Dylan: Just to see you and to kiss you good night
Shadow: Can you sneak in through the back window?
Dylan: Yeah, I’ll see you then okay Love, Dylan
Shadow: See you then
Dylan log out

So then I went and got my contacts in and was thinking about straitening my hair because it was curly but I didn’t. Then I listened to my ipod, went down stairs to get a snack and cleaned up my room a little bit. I heard someone come up the stairs and I could only hope that it wasn’t my dad, it wasn’t but it still scared the crap out of me. When Dylan came into my room he was wearing a bright neon green shirt, faded jeans, a black zip up hoodie and shoes with skulls on them. I got up, gave him a big hug and he asked me “What did you forget?” I gave him a long kiss and he said “that’s what I was waiting for.” Then he gave me that smile, the one you give to someone who you really, really care about. I asked him if he was doing anything for the summer. He said “Nothing why?” I said “Because I’m going to London and I was wondering if maybe you’d be able to come. It’s for my eighteenth birthday.” He said “Are you shore you want to take me along with you. I mean I’m trouble. Are you sure?” He sat on the couch, I sat on his lap and I said “Who else can I go with to get away from my dad?” I also said “My friends think I love my dad and he is like some kind of superhero in my life.” Some how I knew that he would spend the night, I also know that he would take his shirt off, which he did both. Then when I woke up I could hear the shower running and my bedroom door closed. I looked around my room I saw his backpack and his clean cloths sitting on my dresser. When he came out he had a black towel around him. I said “That’s a good color compared to pink and green.” He came over, turned his back to me and put his boxers on. Next he put on his pants and then he came up and kissed me. Dylan said “Hey, I gave you the key to my apartment. Why didn’t you come?” I said “It’s because of I’ve been so busy and I didn’t really get a chance to do anything.” Which I just told him a first big lie and I feel guilty. “No,” he explained “you weren’t busy you were hanging out at the mall with your friends telling them that you were confused about our relationship.” I was confused, stunned, blown away and in dream world. He asked “Why did you lie to me? Shadow? Shadow? Baby? Honey?” he whispered the next part “Chloe Marie Henry?” I said “I thought I told you not to say my full name?” He said “Sorry, I was just, I couldn’t get your attention.” “Sorry, I was day dreaming” I said. “Do you not trust me or something because you have been kind of blowing me away?” He asked. I said “No, I have not been blowing you away. I have been busy.” He said in his trying to keep cool voice “Then why do you lie to me and talk to friends about what goes on between us?” I started to cry and I turned my back to him so he wouldn’t see me cry. He came up behind me, turned me around, hugged me and whispered over and over again “I here. I love you. I’m sorry for losing my cool. I’m sorry. I love you more than anyone else.” He held me tight and I didn’t want him to let go. I would say “I am fine, okay” and he would tease saying “No, your not. You’re crying, remember? Which means your so, not.” I said “So, when do I get to move in with you?” I hugged him as he said “When ever you want Baby.” Then he kissed my hair.

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hrshykss said...
on Sep. 8 2008 at 10:17 pm
that was very confusing. but i liked the story and it was good.


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