Third Rock from the Sun

May 27, 2011
By kbehm BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
kbehm BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
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When earth was the only planet, a group of cavemen got together to have a contest to see who could throw the furthest out of the earth’s atmosphere. The winner of the contest would become the cavemen’s new leader.

Eight men decided to try their luck. Their names were Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto. Each contestant was told to write their name on the boulder they decided to throw. Mercury was called to throw first. He picked up a boulder and threw it toward the sun. Next, Venus was called. He threw his boulder towards Mercury’s but couldn’t pass it. Mars was up next. The sun hurt his eyes so he turned the other direction and threw as hard as he could. Jupiter was the biggest man in the contest, so he picked up the biggest boulder. He easily outthrew Mars though it wasn’t enough to beat Saturn. Uranus threw his as hard as he could and by-passed them all. Next up was Neptune and he was really feeling the pressure. He tried as hard as he could and slid on past the others. Pluto was the smallest in the camp. All the others laughed as he picked up the smallest boulder yet. He closed his eyes and threw with everything he had. Everyone watched with amazement as it went sailing out into space and out of sight. The crowd cheered and declared him the winner.

The cavemen got a new leader and declared him all powerful. This is how the solar system came to be.

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