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May 27, 2011
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Do you know what it is like to be in love? Having someone in your life that makes you want to live be the best feeling. All of a sudden, you have a reason to enjoy your hobbies and your responsibilities. Everyone should have a significant other in their life.

When you have someone special in your life, they are always there for you. If you have someone that is special to you then after a hard day you can come home to them and then they might be able to make things better for you. When you have someone like this then if there is ever anything that is wrong or if you just need to talk things out with them they are there to talk to you at anytime. If someone is really special to you then they can cheer you up if you sad or down anytime that they want.

When you have someone like that to you, you will most have the time always have a good time with them. For example you could go fishing with them. If you have four-wheeler then you can go riding out through the woods or down dirt roads and you could get friends to go to. And while you are riding if it is in the summer then you can drive down to a big creek or river and go swimming with them.

Also as long as you have someone like that you will always have someone to look after and you will have to make sure that she never gets hurt by anyone. Try to make sure that they are always happy and make sure you are there for them when they are having hard times.

Having someone to be there for you through the good and the bad is something that I think everyone should have it will be something that will always help someone. It helps me through all of the bad things that go on in my life.

Love is not just for a moment or a day it’s for a life time, it’s not just a though it’s a feeling. It will last forever.

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