The Horrible Summer

May 27, 2011
By Jesse Boyer BRONZE, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
Jesse Boyer BRONZE, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
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Once there was a small town in Northern part of New England. This town always seems to be peaceful, but it isn’t. The town has a problem with a witch that lives in a big ghastly house on the top of massive hill. Everybody is always afraid of the summer. The reason is that around the summer the witch comes of her house to the kidnap people and takes them back to her house.
So one day a young man named Jack and his girlfriend Samantha went to Boston for some vacation time. But when they least expected it their car’s transmission blew. The only good thing was that there was a small town about a ½ mile up the road. When the couple got to the town, Jake found the shop and said, “Hey! Is there anybody here?”
The mechanic replied, “Yes. How may I serve you?”
“My car broke down ½ mile up the road. Is there a place where we can stay?” asked Jake with frustration in his breath.
The mechanic said, “I’ll go get it in an hour or two after I’m finished with this car, which I’m about done.”
“Thanks, and is there a place where we can eat?”
“Yes, there is a diner just a couple of buildings down.”
After that Jake and his girlfriend walked to the diner. When they got there, they were very hungry and also really tired. They went to their table, and the waiter came up to get their order.
“What would you two like to drink?” asked the waiter.
The young couple said “Just two large cokes and a Double Bacon Cheeseburger with everything on them.”
“They will be here in a moment,” said the waiter
So while they waited for their food, they overheard a couple of guys talk about a witch. At first they just started block them out. The only thing is that the guys wouldn’t quit talking about it. So jack got up and walked over there to them.
“Would you please quit talking about that stupid story?”
“What story?” said the two men, “All that were saying is true.”
“Ya right,” said Jake.
“Its true the witch lives up on the top of that hill. Fine if you don’t believe me then your stupid.”
Then Jake went back to the table. After a couple of minutes their food came out and both of them ate the food. After they were done they paid for their meal and went to see if the guy got the car.
“Hello,” said the mechanic.
“Did you go get our car?”
“Yes and what you thought was the transmission was just a bad brake.”
“So how much will it cost?” said Jake
“Just around $400, because I have this type of brake in stock.”
“Also one last thing what is this talk about a witch?”
The mechanic replied “Do you see that house on that humongous hill?”
“Yes,” said Jake
“Well there is a witch that lives up there. She has been around for centuries, back around the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts. There was a real witch that wasn’t captured. So one of the people that were going to be convicted escaped and found the real witch. So after that the person stole the witch’s spell book and put a curse on the witch that would never die if she would keep kidnapping and eat people skin and hearts. So for the last few centuries the witch has been taking people and eating them to survive.
“I don’t believe you, said Jake.
“You better,” said the mechanic.
“I’ll prove that there is no witch by going up there and if I’m still alive the brake job is free.”
“Ok you’re on.”
After that Jake and his girlfriend started to walk towards the house. When they got there a storm started to move in. The thunder that the storm started to make was so loud that every time the house would shake like Jell-O. But Jake just keeps walking up to the house, but when they got up to the house. It looked like that it was abandoned for years. So they went in and it looked a lot better in side than out.
Jake then yelled “Hey is there anybody there?”
“I guess that nobody is here,” said Jake’s girlfriend.
But soon as they said that they heard that a loud sound came from the back. They both then wanted to get out of the house. The only thing is that the door wouldn’t open, and the same with the windows. So they both went towards the place where they heard the sound. They open the door and there was a humongous pot with a fire underneath. They both were starting to think that the sound was the witch. Before they could turn around they saw the witch.
“What are you doing in my kitchen?” said the witch in a scratchy voice.
“Who are you?” said Jake.
“I’m the witch and you two will make some tasty pies.”
As soon as she said that the two started to run for the door and they remembered that the door wouldn’t open. So they ran up the stairs and hid in a closet. A couple of minutes later the witch came up the stairs and was looking hungry.
“Come out little children I won’t harm you,” said the witch.
But somehow the witch found them and started to reach for Jake but he hit her in the face and grabbed a broom and hit her as hard as he could.
“Take that you old witch,” said Jake.
Then they both ran towards the kitchen but they found the spell book that put the spell on her so they took it and started to find the spell that would take the spell off. Then as soon as they found the spell the witch was in front of them. This time she had a sword but when she almost sliced them Jake said the spell and turned her to dust.
Then they tried the door and it unlocked. After that they went down to the mechanic and were able to get their car. Then they got in it and drove off like what happen to them never happen.

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