December 11, 2007
By Peter OBrien, Park City, UT

I wake. I am outside, lying in the jungle, freezing and shivering.

Cold, dark night… where am I? How did I get here? I look around, confused and stupid.
I hear a branch crack.

I see eyes glowing in the dark off in the distance. I stand up, doubling my fists and set a wide steady stance waiting for the attacker. I hear another one from behind… it jumps out and then . . . total blackness.

With my vision blurred, I wake up, my head held low, and find myself around three slimy, hunched-back creatures. They have sharp fangs and huge claws. The one carrying me throws me to the ground and starts chatting in this unknown language. The other creatures start chanting.

Coming out of the dizziness, I knew something is wrong.

The chanting grows louder. I cover my ears to block the noise, but it is no use. I feel the dizziness coming back…

One creature looks over at me. He sees me starting to faint. He strides over, splashes my face with a bucket of water. I come out of the dizziness and look up at the dark face staring down at me.

I try to communicate with the creature but he looks at me. His eyes open widely with a hint of confusion in his face. He looks at me like I’m the first human he’s ever laid his eyes on. He lets out a ferocious roar.

The other creature looks over in this direction. He slithers over to the other one and mumbles to him. I tried once again to comprehend the language. And yet again, it is no use. While it was babbling away, however, I noticed it was speaking in some made-up language. Well, I had no idea how to speak it.

I was in trouble.

I start thinking and decide to try sign language as a way to speak with him. At first, we accomplish nothing… but then he responds back to me using sign language. I don’t believe my good luck! I try again just to make sure I am not dreaming. He responds again. I am thrilled.

It is now early morning with the sun slowly rising. Smelling food for the first time in hours just made me realize how hungry I was. At that moment I heard my stomach cry out. One of the creatures put a bowl of soup in front of me. I signed thanks he signed back yep.

After I got done eating I am now going to see if the others use sign language as well. I try with the one next to me and he signed back yes. I thought to myself this is getting better and better. Just out of curiosity I ask the creature what his name is? He responds JOJO. I’m so happy because he knows a language I know. I figure I am going to be here a while so I decide to meet all of them. They have names like Zip and Fizz. They are all odd names. But it works.

Well now it’s about mid-day and it is quite warm. I’m in this area right outside this vast jungle. JOJO came up to me and says follow us into the jungle; we have to show you something. So I followed them. As I’m walking I look around and see other Wig Wigs among the trees starring at me. “This worries me,” I signed to the Wig Wigs. He said its okay nothing to worry about. They led me to the camp were all the Wigs were located. I new something was wrong because this is not were they told me they were going. I told JOJO that I need to get out of here because I was starting to feel sick. I fell like I’m about to throw up because of the horrible stench in the air. It smells like BO just ten times worse. I ask him if I could leave he said “yes”. We began to leave when all of the sudden I heard a growl behind me. So I turned around and looked back and saw the Wigs walking towards me. Jo and I took off running. We were running back through the fields we entered.

As I was running I lost my map I made in the past couple of days to help me find my way around. I almost turned around to get the map but then I saw the crowd behind me. Without thinking I went back for the map because it was my work in progress on trying to get out. I reached down to get the map, but one creature got a hold of my arm.

The grasp slipped out and I stumbled, almost falling and started to run again. I ran through thick trees on a trail. Jojo was leading, and I was starting to fall behind… I now couldn’t see him in front of me. I wanted to stop, but I heard noises behind me. It was the wigs sprinting through the trees.

Well since I couldn’t find Jojo, I decided to climb a tress. I put my foot on one branch and my hand on another one and started to climb. When I got up there I looked down and saw the wigs run past.

It had worked I lost them. I decided to stay in the tree so I could; catch my breath and incase of any stragglers falling behind. I was about to climb down when I heard something again. It was the wigs coming back.

They had Jojo!! Jojo looked cut up and all bloody. I thought about leaving, but another part of me said go back to save Jo. I was so tempted to leave, but I climbed down and went back. I followed the trail of broken branches that the wigs went through. I walked half way back when I found him.

He was laying there motionless. I wanted to check for a pulse but wasn’t sure where it was. I put my hand over his mouth to check if he was breathing…

Nothing… he was dead.

I dragged his mangled body into cover of the trees. I just stood there starring, I was shot with a bullet of sadness and anger. I turned around and slowly walked back to my tree. I was so angry that the Wigs had killed him. I heard another noise behind me. It was one Wig, and he showed this look like he wanted to kill me. I was so furious that I ran up to him, grabbed him by the throat and strangled him to death. I knew this was going to be the beginning of a long battle because there was a scout trying to find me.

I ran back to the tree and started to make weapons. I broke off a branch and started to sharpen it with the knife I had stole from their camp. I made many spears and quick shanks. I started to hear questions throughout the air. Where was he? He found the scout, but where did he go?

As I heard the Wigs I started moving towards the group. I saw the group through branches and scrambled up a tree. I got a small knife out that I made and threw it at one wig. He dropped immediately to the ground.

The other wigs twisted around and saw me in the tree, they pulled out their weapons and hurled them at me. I jumped out of the tree and landed on one of the Wigs, completely crushing him. The others looked at me and attacked I dodged one knife and threw one knife at the Wig. After ten minutes of fighting they ran out of wigs in the group. I was cut in three places and ran out of throwing knifes. I went back to my tree and healed myself. I ripped my shirt and wrapped it around my arm. I stacked back up on my throwing knifes and prepared for
the second wave of wigs. Though I waited on my

tree, they never came. I waited and waited but nothing. I stayed in my tree the rest if the night. In the early morning, I went up to their camp, but it was empty. I slowly came about a group of dead Wigs. I was really confused because who else could have killed the wigs. Then I thought of something, so I ran back to where I hid Jojo. He wasn’t there!!!

I ran back to my tree to see if he was there.

He was there alive and moving! I talked to him for hours with so many questions. He was only playing dead so they wouldn’t take him to their camp to get answers out of him. I am so happy I wanted to kill him because he made me go through four days without him. After I told him everything that happened. I asked him one final question. I asked him do you want to leave and find our way out of do you want to finish this fight.

He said lets finish this.

So we gathered our supplies and moved up to the camp again. We go near the camp and I told Jo to go around and flank them. I looked around and saw the Wigs sitting around the fire. So I repeated my tactic. I climbed a nearby tree and took out a throwing knife and threw it at the wig leader. The knife almost struck him but someone stepped in front of hit and got hit. They knew this was coming.

The sitting around the campfire was a trick. I saw Jo run around and attack one of the wigs. I took my spear and jumped out of the tree. I was lucky enough to not have any wig beneath me. I ran to help Jo and killed 3 on the way to him. We wanted to get out of their alive but I highly doubted that. We needed more allies but none of them came to our aid.

Twenty minutes later we came out of the battle, alive and we walked back to the tree and got our water and tried to find our way out. We walked to the end of the jungle and took the final step out of the jungle. I gazed upon the view of buildings. I looked at the buildings and wanted to run to them. We did it we survived the jungle and killed all the wigs.

As I walked towards the city with Jo I turned back to look at the jungle and saw smoke! The entire jungle was going up in flames, I was in “aw”. We I ran away from the jungle. I looked at Jo and he said

“there’s more wigs out there.

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