May 24, 2011
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There is darkness everywhere. The shadowy tendrils play at the corners of my vision. I want to turn my head. I want to see where the serpentine wisps come from. But my eyes do not waver. I start to move, guided by the sensation of gentle touch. But I know there is nothing there. I continue to move, one foot in front of the other, as if walking on air. I begin to feel gentle breezes, and firm ground beneath my feet. A warm light begins to pierce the darkness, one that grows brighter every moment. I begin to feel the sharp points of grass graze my ankle. I begin to feel the warmth of the light against my skin. I begin to smell the fresh grasses grow beneath me, and the crisp ocean waters not far away. I begin to see the blues of the ocean, and the greens of the grasses. I begin to see to browns of the soil, and the whites of the clouds. I begin to feel the world around me grow and bloom, evolve into a most magnificent of things. One teeming with activity and life. Things living among each other. I see insects of varying hue and size flitter by. I see great birds streak across the sky. I break out into a jog. I feel the fur of mammals rub against my legs. I see great trees begin to grow. I see massive whales dominate the ocean. I start to run. I see the beginnings of man. I feel the heat of the first fire. I hear the tongue of the ancients. I see the beginning of dwellings, of villages, of towns, of cities. I see the beginnings of elders, of councils, of senators, of government. I see the evolution of technology. Electricity, combustion engines, planes. I run faster. And I grow scared. Scared of what I see. I see the evolution of weapons, of knives, of swords, of guns, of bombs, of WMD’s. I see greed and corruption spread throughout the people. I see war and famine everywhere. So I stop. I look around. The fields are paved. The ocean is murky. The forests have been harvested. The insects are in hiding. The animals extinct. I become angry. I destroy everything. Every sight and smell, every taste and sound so there is nothing. I promise myself I will not create again. So I destroy my memories. Every last one of them. So all there’s left is darkness. Darkness everywhere.

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