Cody, The Reindeer

May 15, 2011
By love2write10 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
love2write10 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
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T’was four weeks before Christmas and all of the reindeer across the globe were training for that one special night, when they would ride around with the famous, Mr. Santa Claus. Now, we all know that Santa favors those who are well behaved and he will give coal to the misbehaved. Santa must not have favored this one reindeer, Cody. Cody was a very energetic young reindeer, only about seven years old. Being the super outgoing reindeer that he was, Cody was also known to have a reputation for lying. After starting out at a new elementary school because he had to move states, Cody was starting to make friends at school, but for the wrong reason. Cody would lie to all of his classmates, but then had no way to cover up his lies. “Hey guys, I love doing my homework; I sit in my elevator all night and do it, up and down up and down through my twenty-six level mansion!”
“You have an elevator, oh my gosh! You have a mansion?” Cody’s clueless classmates would respond.
“Pshhh…yeah! This is only one of my mansions I have twenty-five oh wait, my dad just bought a new one in Boca Raton, make that twenty-six!” Cody replied. Cody was just trying to fit in and make some new friends; deep down inside Cody was really a nice boy but was trying to impress the kids in his class. “You all should come over to my house sometime and see my elevator! We can have so much fun! I have a new sled that is made out of gold!” And so later that afternoon a sled full of reindeer arrived at Cody’s two-story home, but they were very confused. “I thought you had a mansion, Cody, yeah and an elevator.” “Yeah, and twenty- six stories!” yelled the other reindeer. Cody had no response; he went back to school, ashamed of himself!

Years passed and Cody was ready to enter a new middle school, where he did not know any other reindeer. When Cody was trying to make friends he repeated his foolish actions of elementary school; he lied, lied, and lied again! “You think that toy is cool? Well I live with Santa clause and he gives me toys all day long.”
“Oh my Cody, can we come over?” asked his classmates in unison. “Sure, I think Santa is around today…he loves visitors!” After miles of trudging through the deep snow the reindeer arrived at Cody’s home to find no Santa. Cody had no way of explaining to his classmates where Santa was. Cody finally learned his lesson, honesty is the best policy, otherwise you can get stuck in situations that are better avoided and don’t be friends with someone for the wrong reason.

By the time Cody entered high school he had learned his lesson. He always told the truth and did not have to suffer avoidable situations.

The author's comments:
This piece is a cute, fun fable I put together! Hope you enjoy, feel free to add feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcomed!

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